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Kyra Patterson

Kyra Patterson picks her ten favourite Jordy songs for Impact’s Music Essentials. 

A13 (Have a Good Summer EP, 2019)

Starting off with the rapper’s most popular song, which recently surpassed 10 million streams, A13 demonstrates just one of Jordy’s many styles of music. This song shows his clear delivery of bars and notable punchlines on a mellow beat. Jordy can be heard rapping about focusing through the constant ploys of superficial girls and jealous people around him, proving that he can expertly detail the experiences he has as an upcoming artist.

JUICE with Elt Cheekz (Single from If I Couldn’t Rap, I Wouldn’t Rap, 2022)

Next on the list is JUICE: a more upbeat tune from his most recent album in collaboration with fellow rapper, and cousin, Elt Cheekz, but with sinister-sounding bassline running throughout. Jordy and Cheekz go back-to-back showcasing how comfortable and easy it is for them to bounce off each other. With off-guard tempo changes, both remind the listener that they are in their element, nothing is too difficult for them to handle, foregrounding the message of the song that they can also handle entering the music industry as unsigned, underground artists.

BLACK BEATLES with Elt Cheekz (If I Couldn’t Rap, I Wouldn’t Rap, 2022)

This song is the introduction to the joint collaboration album mentioned before: If I Couldn’t Rap, I Wouldn’t Rap. You will be able to hear that this album brings back a long-lost art of having a someone host a rap album. In this case, rapper turned podcaster Margs and his co-host Loons can be heard throughout the album showcasing their hosting abilities. Jordy absolutely smashes his opening verse on the album, the second verse on BLACK BEATLES. He reminds his fans that he knows he is the best and he doesn’t need to say it anymore. A notable lyric is “Tell the label you don’t need no other body like I’m Tems”.

FORTY ACRES Wretch 32 (KMT, 2022)

Not only does Jordy make quality music with his cousin, but he also proves on FORTY ACRES that he can hold his own when rapping with arguably the best lyricist in the UK, Wretch 32. Here, Jordy showcases where he is most in his element despite his multitude of styles: Real Rap. A notable lyric from the song is “I fired in the booth for too long/ if Charlie don’t know by now/ he’s taking too long”, confirming that he knows he’s skilled as a rapper, even if he isn’t getting recognised by certain platforms yet.

 I called Tj twice (Single, 2021)

“Jordy not Jordan, talk to me important”—the rapper’s iconic tagline starts off this popular single. More flexing and memorable punchlines can be expected from I called Tj twice, yet still managing to sound different to his other songs with similar content.

Therapist (SMH, 2021)

Perhaps my favourite song from Jordy’s SMH debut album, Therapist details the struggles that he has endured as a man and an artist. It encompasses his strengths as an artist: melodic rapping, wordplay and relatable content. Albeit a short song, under 3 minutes, the ending consists of impactful words spoken by a woman (most likely, his mother), adding to the overall message and tone of this slow, heartfelt song.

ENEMIES (Single from KMT, 2022)

Now, we have an addition to the list from Jordy’s EP, KMT, which details his experiences dealing with friends turned enemies. “I know I’ve got a fake friend that’s faking it and hoping that I make it/ he should be ashamed of himself” is a clear indication of how the rapper is aware of the jealousy and fake love he has seen from people he used to be friends with. Even with this seemingly true content, the beat, which features an acoustic guitar melody reminiscent of Spanish music, the vibe of the song sounds almost dream-like.

POUNDS & EUROS with Elt Cheekz (If I Couldn’t Rap, I Wouldn’t Rap, 2022)

Another song from his collaboration album is POUNDS & EUROS, which sounds comparable to elements of Latin music, making it virtually impossible not to nod your head to (a least!). Jordy takes the verses whilst Elt Cheekz does the hook justice. He switches up his tone and flow towards the ending of the last verse on the song solidifying my decision that this as a must-listen for all new Jordy fans.

MEDELLIN (Single, 2022)

Combine three languages, catchy singing and almost excessive appraisal of women and you’ll be describing MEDELLIN. The rapper boasts his fluency in French and English whilst dropping a few bars in Spanish to go with the overall theme hinted by the title of the song.

Uber X (Single, 2019)

The last essential Jordy song to listen to is Uber X. Jordy can by no means be categorised into a specific genre, I even find it difficult to call him a rapper, and Uber X perfectly displays his versatility as an artist. He can be heard singing the hook and rapping more melodically than some of the other songs on the list. Here, Jordy paints a picture of getting a late night text from your ex and going to meet them—a scenario that’s relatable to many…\

Kyra Patterson

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