Student Travel That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

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Climate change continues to be one of the biggest issues facing the world. The last 4-year period has been the warmest on record with last summer seeing the highest ever UK temperature of 40.3°C.

And for many young people this goes hand in hand with climate anxiety. The 2021 census reports that 75% of adults in Britain are worried about the impact of climate change.

Tackling the climate challenge needs action and ambition, and we can be proud that Nottingham is ahead of the curve, with the city setting itself a stretching target to become carbon neutral by 2028. But to reach that goal, everyone will need to play their part.

According to Nottingham Council, how we travel around the City accounts for over 30% of carbon emissions so how we choose to get around to study, work and socialise can be one of the biggest day-to-day climate decisions we take.

Luckily, Nottingham has a low carbon, green transport option right on our doorstep – the NET tram! Through clean, green and convenient travel, the tram has become a Nottingham icon and a symbol of the city’s climate ambitions. The tram also offers great benefits and a range of different tickets meaning it is also the cheapest and easiest way to travel around the city for students.

At the start of every academic year, they have a special Freshers deal and then another ‘Refreshers’ deal in January / February. For example, this year, NET knocked £50 off their 6 month student pass between 23rd January and 28th February and offered a one-time code to slash a further £20 at the key student events.

Their latest deal meant unlimited travel on the tram network for roughly 80p a day for 6 months. Given that price, there is literally no excuse not to buy a ticket! It’s worth remembering that it is illegal to travel on the tram without buying a valid ticket and anyone caught will be given a £70 on the spot penalty notice.  

So grab a deal, hop onboard and travel anxiety-free on Nottingham’s icon tram. Find out more here.

Did you know?

  • NET tram is a clean, sustainable transport option powered by 100% green, renewable energy.
  • You can travel around the City on the tram for as little as 80p a day.
  • The Tram network stretches 20 miles and 50 tram stops across the City.
  • Each of Nottingham’s trams is named after Nottingham icons from Robin Hood to football legend Brian Clough and award-winning actress Vicky McClure – see whose carriage you get on!
  • The tram turned 18 years old last year!

Sponsored by NET

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