Amendments to List of SU Election Candidates

Lottie Murray

Voting has now opened! You can cast your vote on the UoNSU website by logging into your SU student account and clicking on the ‘make your choice’ on the homepage of the site. As with most elections, there have been a few changes to the list of candidates that we would like to make you aware of before casting your vote. The changes can be followed below:

Hasan Nisar has withdrawn their candidacy from the Community Officer Election due to personal reasons.

On behalf of the Students’ Union, Ashley (Student Voice Manager) would like to wish them the best in their future endeavours.

Hasan was removed before voting opened, so no votes have been cast for them. 


Xiyu Sun has been disqualified from the Postgraduate Officer Election under the following rules and regulations:

Briefing or submit it up to one hour before voting opens. If this is not submitted by the deadline, you will not be on the ballot paper for Elections and automatically disqualified, as this is a requirement for nomination.

Appendix 3 iv) Below are example rule breaches that if upheld by the Deputy Returning Officer or Returning Officer, would require to be ruled as disqualifications. Disqualifications are not limited to these breaches. Non-submission of a signed Code of Conduct (and Trustee Declaration Form for FTO candidates only) by the given deadline.

This candidate was removed before voting opened, so no votes have been cast for them.

Lottie Murray

Featured image courtesy of Lottie Murray. Permission to use granted to Impact. No changes were made to this image. 

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