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“Impossible Not To Get Lost In”- Live Review: The Lathums @ Rock City

Hayley Lawson

The Manchester-based indie rock band The Lathums took to the stage at Rock City as part of their “From Nothing To A Little Bit More” tour, and performed a set of stunning songs which mesmerised the entire venue. Impact’s Hayley Lawson reviews.

The aesthetic set-up of the stage was an immediate thrill for me; from plants, to a cardboard sign stating the tour name, the set felt like a tropical summer in a tiki bar. It was unlike I’d ever seen before, and I adored it. It was the perfect beginning to an excellently authentic and hypnotising concert. I have always found this style of music comforting, and The Lathums delivered it with excellence.

They opened the show with Say My Name, a new song from their album ‘From Nothing To A Little Bit More’. The lead singer, Alex Moore, took to the stage with prowess and passion. This song was the perfect choice to open with and prepared the crowd for a stunning concert. They followed this up with a performance of Land and Sky, which had a more toned-down and dark feeling. The climactic bridge was energised, and had the audience immersed.

A song about appreciating the little things

They then played I See Your Ghost, a song perfect for fans of the band Madness. The lights flashed to the beat to create an intense dynamic which I adored. Soon after this was my favourite song of the evening, How Beautiful Life Can Be, which felt intimate and cosy, a feeling enhanced by the warm lighting. A song about appreciating the little things in life, this felt like a really special moment between the band and the audience.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the delivery of I Know Pt 1. Moore stated “It makes me quite sad, that song” – and I can vouch for him that with the theme of heartbreak, the song was an emotional one. The performance of All My Life truly mesmerised me. The use of a moving laser show enhanced the atmosphere of being on the beach during summer, and there was a campfire-type set piece which made this song feel even more intimate. The audience sang along to the soft-sounding reflective song with adoration, and created an energy impossible not to get lost in.

An emotive performance which made me fall in love with the song

The Lathums also performed two stunning covers of Jake Bugg’s Simple as This and John Lennon’s (Just Like) Starting Over, a song that most people knew. Simple as This was an emotive performance which made me fall in love with the song. The climax of the latter was delivered immaculately, and made for an enjoyable addition to the show. I always find it interesting for bands to perform covers, as I feel like it provides an insight into the music they enjoy, which makes a show feel more personal.

The more romantic and heartfelt tones of Rise and Fall were immediately contrasted with the upbeat song Sad Face Baby, which I have had on repeat since seeing this gig. This was an excellent choice of ‘final song’ before the encores, Struggle and Artificial Screens. Of these, Artificial Screens was the most notable for me. The bass and drums in the build-up devised an impeccable spirit as the audience clapped along.  The final part of the show was stunning, with flashing lights and an incredible instrumental performance which rounded off the concert very well for me.

Overall, the gig was a great experience, and I feel lucky to have been given the chance to attend. With the atmosphere created from the set, the band’s presence, and of course their soft indie rock sound, The Lathums will definitely be making an appearance in all of my playlists from now on!

Hayley Lawson

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