Impact’s Music Essentials: Spring and Summer Gems

Abigael Woosey

Impact’s Abigael presents her top springy-summery songs which may have gone under the radar, and why she loves them.

Every year new artists are creating amazing new music, and it’s hard to keep track of it all sometimes, which means great artists manage to slip through the cracks. It can also be disappointing when searching for new music and not finding quite what you’re looking for. So below are some underrated artists and my personal favourite songs of theirs which give the perfect spring and summer vibe.

Homesick (‘stick season,’ 2022) – Noah Kahan

An alternate tune released in 2022, this song by Noah Kahan is a perfect display of feeling both trapped and comfortable at the same time. From feeling sick and tired of being at home all the time to loving all those details that once annoyed you, Homesick is a great realisation of all of these feelings.

I’ve been waiting (‘Carnival EP’, 2018) – Briston Maroney

With Maroney’s newest singles being released, a blend of indie and rock, it’s easy to overlook his past works. His songs resemble the end screens of a teen movie, or something you’d hear in the background of Outer Banks with its cheerful and feel-good vibe. This is especially true for the sunny-day song I’ve been waiting – perfect for summer.

Bad Omens (‘5SOS5’, 2022) – 5 Seconds of Summer

Although having smash hits back in 2014, 5 Seconds of Summer’s fame seems to have quietened as the years have progressed, but their music has only improved. Their newest album ‘The Feeling of Falling Upwards, Live from the Royal Albert Hall’ includes all of their best music, including Bad Omens. This song, both recorded and live, creates powerful sensations of feeling trapped yet blinded by love, and looking past these ‘bad omens’ is what it’s all about. The live choir and orchestra really add to the build-up in this song and it’s a personal favourite of mine.

you’ll be belting it out on the second listen

Panic Like Tom (2016) – Riscas

This is the perfect song for a summer montage, a memory of all the great moments that happen over the summer period. With simple lyrics you’ll be belting it out on the second listen. The Risca’s are an indie pop band from Birmingham and although they’re not that well known, they have some great music.

If I didn’t have you (‘Twenty something nightmare’, 2018) – Vista Kicks

If you love a song with a build-up, then this is the one for you. Similar to Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever, Vista Kicks take a slow pace with this song to begin with, before reaching the clattering final chorus where all the melodies come together for one last amazing verse. With their newest album out this year, they’re definitely worth the listen.

Coward (‘The living End’, 2021) – Sarah and the Sundays

From their most popular album, Coward is about the choices you can’t decide whether to make, but the catchy chorus and alternate style make it a great song for day-to-day listening. Not so well known, Sarah and the Saturdays provide multiple albums of feet-tapping music to add to your playlists.

The Backseat Lovers are bound to be a big name in the next few years

Kilby Girl (‘when we were friends’, 2019) – The Backseat Lovers

If you like Two Door Cinema Club, then you’ll love The Backseat Lovers. Their songs are perfect for sunny drives with the windows down, with Kilby Girl being the perfect blend of a belting singalong and air-guitar-worthy instrumental. Both catchy and relatable, The Backseat Lovers are bound to be a big name in the next few years.  

Disco Nights (2022) – Wiley Beckett

Beckett sings of “hot summer nights” and the feeling of dating like “disco nights”, the perfect up-tempo mood for beer gardens and clear skies. A blend of the Wallows and Catfish and the Bottlemen, Wiley Beckett channels many brilliant influences in his songs, especially this easy-going tune.

Branching out and listening to more songs from artists that have those special hits remind you why

Come to me (‘Magnetic’, 2013) – The Goo Goo Dolls

There’s no doubt you’ll know the Goo Goo Doll’s iconic hit Iris, but unlike that timeless ballad, Come To Me is a more upbeat, western-feeling song about friendship and growth. Branching out and listening to more songs from artists that have those special hits remind you why. This song predicts that it’ll be “your favourite song”, and for a while, it was mine.

Call me out (EP, 2017) – Sea Girls

One of the best live acts I’ve seen, Sea Girls are an English indie rock band with music for all occasions. Call Me Out is about change and being grounded. Similar to The Backseat Lovers, their vibe is feel-good and a perfect backtrack for summer.

Abigael Woosey

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