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Francesca Montefusco

Upminster, a fairly small town in Essex that just about earns a spot in a London borough, is hardly a tourist hotspot. It’s a great base location; one hour and you can be watching street performers in Covent Garden, 30 minutes and you can be building sandcastles at Southend-on-Sea. But Upminster has its own things to offer. Having lived in Upminster her whole life, Francesca Montefusco has the qualifications to be your tour guide today and show you some of Upminster’s best places to have a lovely Hometown Holiday.

Upminster might be a quieter town but there is still fun to be found.  For us students in need of activities that our liver won’t hate us for, Upminster can provide a fair few.

As summer is approaching, so too is picnic season, and Upminster has some really pretty spots. In the heart of town, Upminster Park makes an ideal location if you’re wanting an ice cream, or perhaps access to tennis courts, outdoor gym equipment or a playground. My favourite and most scenic spots to walk around or take a picnic to are Parklands Open Space and Langton Gardens.


I also love getting creative to help me relax. Cute pottery dates at The Pink Parachute are great for rainy days and to have a chat with friends. Plus, it will give you a little souvenir to forever remember your holiday in Upminster.



When I’ve been craving a bit of a thrill and a challenge, Room Lockdown Escape Rooms has been the answer. If you’re like me then you might find yourself screaming at lights simply being switched off, but it makes for lots of fun and is something that’s a bit different.


A wellness getaway

Continuing with the theme of relaxation, a yoga class at A Fine Balance Yoga Studio is a place for some needed self-care.  You can book in for a single yoga class and reap the rewards of calmness and feeling connected with yourself. There are also cool workshops like tarot reading, energy healing, and Reiki to add some spiritualness to your holiday.

If you’re really looking for the ultimate wellness getaway then the Glass House Retreat is a dreamy location that can offer a lot of pampering. You can book onto a detox package or go for a restorative spa day or weekend.


Here you can find the most Instagrammable and tasty avo toast, vegan brunches and stacks of pancakes. By night, the eggs stop flowing and out comes the pizza

A place for some yummy food

If you’re looking to munch your way through some yummy food, then you have come to the right place. I would have to say that the most popular thing to do in Upminster is go to a café. There are many to choose from.

If you want something affordable and classic, then get yourself to The Tea Cosy. If you’re feeling particularly British and would like a lovely afternoon tea, then The Sweet Rose Cakery is the place to be. 

However, stealing the spotlight for me has to be Roots. Here you can find the most Instagrammable and tasty avo toast, vegan brunches and stacks of pancakes. By night, the eggs stop flowing and out comes the pizza. Better still, evenings at Roots regularly provide entertainment from DJs to music bingo to drag shows. 



Other great restaurants are Osteria for gorgeous Italian food or Korat Thai for delicious Thai food. However, I warn that these might hurt your wallet a little! 

If you’re tired after a day of walking, pottery painting or escape-room escaping then Upminster has got you covered with a great takeaway. Top picks are Tik-ka for Asian street food, The Village for Indian food or Fusion Grill for kebabs.


A place to wind down with a pint

Upminster might not be your next party location, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks spots to have a few drinks with friends. The recently opened Brewdog has become an instant favourite among the locals, particularly to beer lovers. I am not a beer drinker myself but with many flavours on offer, ranging from blood-orange infused lager to layer-cake flavoured stout, there is always something new to try. But don’t worry, you can still get all the basic vodka-lemonades and G&Ts that your heart desires! It also has an outdoor roof terrace that I will definitely be paying a visit to this summer.

I think it’s a town worth being written about. It is where I call home and I am learning to be proud to show my town off

Like in most English towns, there are a number of pubs to choose from too. The Jobbers Rest has a really nice pub garden. The Windmill also is worth visiting on a Tuesday evening with its weekly pub quiz that has decent prize money!

Upminster might not become your top bucket-list travel destination, but I think it’s a town worth being written about. It is where I call home and I am learning to be proud to show my town off. So why not come and explore it whilst it is yet to be discovered… you never know when it could turn into a tourist trap!

Francesca Montefusco

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