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Thomas Martin

Nottingham is home to a variety of cinema locations, from the world’s former smallest cinema to one of the world’s best cinemas. However, finding the best value may be difficult for students on student budgets. From Cineworld to The Savoy, Impact’s Thomas Martin reviews each potential cinematic experience.

Perhaps the most well-known locally, the Broadway Cinema is an independent cinema located in the Hockley area. In 2009, Total film magazine rated it as one of the best cinemas in the world. The website’s flagship showing at present is the concert-film experience of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. Students (with ID) can purchase a ticket here for £7.50 – or just £5 for under 25s!

Closer to University Park campus, the Savoy Cinema in Lenton is well known amongst students. Having visited there to watch Smile last year, the physical building is not as grand as you expect from a Cineworld or Arc Cinema, but the £5.00 student ticket price makes the screening all the more satisfactory, regardless. 

Opening in 2002, The Screen Room in Hockley was a 21-seat, single screen cinema, and featured in the Guinness Book of Records as ‘the smallest cinema in the world’. Unfortunately, just like their record, the cinema itself is now a relic of the past, having closed in 2011.

Go south of the Dunkirk area, and you will stumble across Showcase Cinema de Lux Nottingham. Student ticket prices total £8.50 here, but the Showcase Cinema’s website does push extra rewards, such as the ‘£5 extra rewards’ onto their ‘Insider member’ loyalty account for watching two or more horror films (such as Saw X, or Five Nights at Freddy’s) this coming Halloween.

Potentially one of the most well-known cinema chains, Cineworld has a branch in the city centre. Situated in The Corner House, and surrounded by restaurants, prices here vary. For a student to pre-order the upcoming release, Killers of the Flower Moon, in IMAX, a standard ticket fetches £9.69, whereas it would be £8.72 with Cineworld Plus. However, to watch Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie in 2D, the student price totals £4.99, with 50p off with a Cineworld Plus account. 

However, the closest cinema to University Park Campus is The Arc Cinema. After a short walk through the Beeston high street, past Broadgate Park, opposite the Tesco Extra, Arc Cinema will set a student back £7.50, with ticket prices differing for ‘Hypersense’ showings at £10.00. 

i’ve often found myself either the only one, or one of a handful of people during a showing

This is my personal favourite, due to both the proximity to the university campus, and the fact that I’ve often found myself either the only one, or one of a handful of people during a showing! Additionally, these seats have a leg-rest button, which increase the comfort feel. If your film suddenly stops playing, or the sound goes off, just pop down to the main area and report it to a member of staff, which, as the reader may have judged from my specificity, I have had to do! Bar those bizarre technical difficulties, Arc Cinema is an easy location to access.

Screenings across all cinemas will likely have a similar catalogue. The recent and upcoming releases available include, but are not limited to: Napoleon (24th November), The Hunger Games: The Ballard of Songbirds & Snakes (17th November), Killers of the Flower Moon (20th October), Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (13th October), BlackBerry (6th October), The Exorcist: Believer (6th October), Saw X (29th September), and Five Nights at Freddy’s (27th October).

Thomas Martin

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