Revamp your Wardrobe – DIY Tailoring Tips to Take Your Style to the Next Level!

Isabella Crawshaw

Are you sick of your clothes not fitting right? Do you want to make your clothes more your style? Fast fashion clothes are on average discarded after only wears; not only is it incredibly bad for the environment, but also for your wallet. In this article, I will give you all my tips and tricks to make your clothes more you!

Changing how they fit:

The fit of a clothing item is probably the most important feature. Nobody wants to be in an ill-fitting piece that does nothing for your figure.

There are lots of ways, both permanent and reversible, to make clothes that are too big fit you, but if it’s too small – get rid of it. Your clothes are supposed to fit you, not the other way around!

Too long?

As a 5’2” girly I understand the struggle of trousers that drag in puddles or the ‘mini’ skirt that hits just above the knees. Here are some methods to rectify that probk

  • Roll up the bottoms:

I personally think it’s super cute to have trousers that are cuffed at the bottom. It might sound obvious, but there’s no reason to overlook the most obvious answers. Make sure you roll them up at least twice, or you’ll be able to see the original hem.

For a more permanent fix, you can pop a couple of stitches on it (in a matching thread colour). The trick to making sure it doesn’t unravel is to go over the same stitch three to four times before cutting the thread off.

All these ideas are wallet friendly

  • Scissors:

Remember to cut them longer first! You can always take more fabric off, but you can’t add it back. Another thing to consider is the fabric; this will only work on fabric that doesn’t fray. So, jeans or denim, cotton-like joggers, sweatshirts, t-shirts, or tank tops. Do not try this on knitted items, or you’ll be left with a pile of threads where your favourite jumper used to be.

What I do to get the perfect length is lay an item of clothing on top of the item I want to cut, then cut it. After cutting, put them through the wash to help with the fraying. The downside is that it may need a little pruning every now and then. When cutting the sleeves or bottoms off tops, I always pull them after because the edge rolls up, another reason to cut them longer at first!

If you’re happy to spend a couple of pounds this is perfect to give the illusion that the length was taken up professionally. Not only is this a super cheap way of tailoring your own clothes, but it’s easy to do.

Simply fold the fabric to encase the web and iron; it’s that simple. Full instructions will be provided on the packaging. The best part about using hemming web is that it’s forgiving; just heat up the hemming web with an iron, and you’ll be able to remove it.

Waist too big?

Is the waist of your vinted jeans too big? Or maybe a vintage skirt from your mum just doesn’t fit right? Not to worry, there are ways of fixing that too. All these ideas wallet-friendly, so they are perfect if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

These are perfect for adjusting the waist on jeans. They come in every colour so you can match the original button perfectly.

Mark where you want the new button, and then pop it on. Don’t worry if you mess up the first time; you can just remove it and try again.

  • Waist-adjustable buttons:

Two individual buttons that gather the fabric when connected. What I like about these is that they are not only practical to use on all types of clothes, but they can also accessorise and add to the outfit.

Give your wardrobe new life

I personally love these star-shaped ones, but if they aren’t your cup of tea, there’s a style for everyone. Maybe you want to complete your whimsical fairy look with some adorable butterflies? Or some classy pearls for an old-money look or to match your mermaid vibe?

  • Ribbons:

Like everyone else, I’ve been obsessed with the ribbon trend. Ribbons in your hair, tied to your bags, or as shoelaces—now put ribbons in your jeans! Pick up some thick ribbons and put them through two belt loops on each side of your jeans. Lastly, tie them in a bow! It’s so cute, and you can change out the ribbons to get a different look each time.

If none of these ideas are appealing to you, there’s always the original way of adjusting—sewing. Be brave, there are lots of YouTube tutorials out there about how to do this.

Give your wardrobe a new life:

It’s the worst thing to have an item that is perfect in every way, but just one thing is off, so before donating or selling it, try fixing it up.

  • Change the buttons:

Changing such a small thing can have a massive impact on how the item looks.

  • Cut the collar:

This is a super cute way of changing up the look of your favourite band or graphic tee; it turns your baggy tee that drowns you into the perfect off-the-shoulder top.

  • Add something:

I love those adorable tops from Urban Outfitters with a tiny bow or delicate rose in the middle of them, but why spend £25 on a top when you can DIY your own? For £5, you can buy a whole pack of those bows and roses off Amazon or eBay in any colour you want.

So, before you steer clear of those diamond in the rough jeans and skirts in the charity shops, have a conversation with yourself to prove you can make it into something. Fight fast fashion by making fashion For You.

Isabella Crawshaw

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