Was the UK’s Biggest Kilo Sale ‘Worth the Weight’?

Kira O’Boyle

On Saturday 11th November, the UK’s biggest kilo sale company returned to St Mary’s Church in the Lace Market, Nottingham. The kilo sale has been hugely popular across the country as it has been travelling far and wide in the UK since it was founded in 2018, promising to offer a huge range of pre-loved, vintage clothing and accessory items for a price that would be hard to decline. The company prides itself in its sustainability pledge, where these second-hand items can cost you as little as £1 and a kilo of clothing costing only £20. I went along to the kilo sale to see if it was truly ‘worth the weight’. 

With the sun shining, it made for a perfect day to head to Nottingham City Centre and go on a shopping spree in an unlikely venue, a church. The beautiful medieval architecture of St Mary’s Church made for a pretty good shopping space, with the sunlight beaming through the stain-glass windows, it made for a good venue with good clothes. As I arrived at the Church, there was already a queue flowing outside of the entrance doors, reflecting just how truly popular the events have become. This comes as no surprise as tickets were an affordable £3 for early bird entry and just £2 for any time after 12pm. Upon entrance, your tickets are scanned, a plastic bag is given and off you go to fill your boots.

brands such as Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and Puma

At first look into the kilo sale, I was daunted by the amount of stock that stood before me, with 60 rails of clothing and a sea of people. I didn’t even know where to start. Naturally, I curated a route in my head and followed the rails around the hall. This was not my first kilo sale with Worth the Weight, and they do not disappoint with the stock they offer. With a multitude of different clothing items, the event is perfect for all ages and genders, offering a vast selection of dresses, skirts, jeans, jumpers, tops, sportswear and outwear and accessories. The sale had attracted students, teenagers, families, and adults of all ages – there was something for everyone. To see a vast range of individuals together in the name of affordable and sustainable fashion was something great to see.  


Most notably, the winter garments on offer really were the highlight of the sale. Rails of vintage fur coats, leather jackets, heavy knitwear and suede numbers were the most sought-after and busy rails of the day. These heavier items were capped at £20, therefore vintage jackets and fur coats that would usually cost an arm and a leg in other shops and vintage stores were relatively cheap in comparison. The sportswear rail was also very popular, with brands such as Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and Puma, the quality of brands on offer was high. This did mean however that an attempt to look through these rails proved difficult, and queues of people tried to get their pick of a good bargain.  

patience and dedication are a must when attending such a sale

When I had finally shopped until I dropped, measuring the worth of my shopping bag was a smooth process, I simply popped my bag onto the scale and matched the weight of my selected items with the set prices. There was freedom to add and take away items to change the price to your desire, which is a great asset for anyone sticking to a budget.  

 So, was it worth it? 

 The Kilo sale was definitely a great day out, however, I would advise splashing an extra pound for an early bird ticket, even though the staff are constantly refilling the stock throughout the day, having first pick of a fully stocked sale before a crowd of people fill the event makes for a more pleasant experience. The event was extremely busy which also meant that patience and dedication are a must when attending such a sale, as looking through over 60 rails of clothing alongside hundreds of others takes time and effort. 

 By the end of the sale, I left with two vest tops, a knitted jumper and a vintage leather jacket, where the four items came to £25. Whilst £25 may appear quite a hefty number, the overall experience saved me money over buying these items first-hand from fast-fashion retailers or buying second-hand from a vintage store. Finding bargains whilst also funding an organisation dedicated to sustainable fashion makes Worth the Weight an event, I would recommend to anyone.  

 There is no doubt that Worth the Weight will be returning back to Nottingham, to keep up to date with future events, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram and on their website 

Kira O’Boyle

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