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Young Conservative Network Ceases Operations

Harry Chapman

The Young Conservative Network have announced it is to disband.

A statement was published on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday, explaining that the group, which aims to bring young members of the Conservative Party together through social events, was to cease formal operations.

Statement also mentions “an increasing disconnect between members and the party”

The statement speaks of policy offerings that are “less than inspiring” to the younger generation. A recent YouGov poll from 26-27 September found that only 1% of 18-24 year olds would vote Conservative.

The statement also mentions “an increasing disconnect between members and the party since the tumultuous removal of 2 elected Party Leaders”, suggesting strained relations between competing factions.

It goes on to state that while they wish the best for the party, their “personal circumstances and time commitments” are incompatible with continuing to run the group.

Nigel Farage turned out to be very popular with young people

This, however, does not mean that young people aren’t supporting the ideology of Conservatism in general. At the Conservative Party Conference this year, Nigel Farage turned out to be very popular with young people. One Conservative there said “young Conservative members are more culturally to the right than the party itself is.”

Reactions were not muted from some personalities upon hearing the news. The broadcaster Carol Vorderman invited anger from Conservatives when she wroteCan you imagine the shame nowadays of any young person saying they belong to the Corrupt Conservative Party?

Impact spoke to Ted Grainger, the president of Nottingham University Conservative Association, for his thoughts. He said the organisation has always been a controversial entity in Conservative circles but was surprised to hear of its demise.

“A stark reminder that the Conservatives have long abandoned us” [Ted Grainger]

He also added What I believe the closure of YCN really highlights is the complete absence of an official, Conservative Party affiliated youth wing, which really hinders youth mobilisation using rival groups such as Blue Beyond and Next Gen Tories as examplesgroups that work independently of each other. Concluding, he stated This is a stark reminder that the Conservatives have long abandoned us.”

Young people could play a significant part in determining the outcome of the upcoming General Election. A report from the YMCA suggests that 86% of under twenty-fives could vote, significantly more than previous elections if true. Parties are likely to offer more in their manifestos to young people should their votes be up for grabs.

Harry Chapman

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