Expert Tips and Tricks for Styling Your Winter Wardrobe

Sana Pethurupillai

Winter does not mean boring. The seasons of sunlight and sweat are over. We are entering full force into the season full of frosty air, snow slush and most importantly, Winter Fashion. But has the depressive months of daylight savings and lack of vitamin D forced us to sacrifice the fit? Do not worry, these tips on some winter staples will provide you confidence to sleigh this frosty season.

…go wild with accessories…

Layer upon Layer

Starting off with one of my favourite parts of winter fashion: layers. When it’s freezing out, we tend to resign from fashion and lean towards simple winter fits like a big puffer and joggers. But one thing about it being cold, is getting to add different pieces to your outfits for style and practicality. Materials such as cashmere, cotton and cable-knit wool are perfect for layering and keeping warm without your outfit feeling or looking too bulky. Moreover, playing with different textures such as faux fur, ribbed cardigans or puffer coats will make dressing up for this season way more exciting!

Having an oversized jacket not only serves as a barrier to the windy, rainy or snowy days, but also because you can easily fit vests, hoodies, turtlenecks and sweaters underneath to keep toasty inside. You can find lightweight oversized puffers from many different places, such as Uniqlo, Primark or to be more sustainable there are many second hand/charity shops that offer big puffers too! Long coats are also great as they keep your entire body warm and work better for a more formal or polished look. Have a look in TKmaxx for good value and high quality coats or search for cute vintage coats on sites Vinted.

Feel free to go wild with accessories such as leg warmers, scarves, hoodies, gloves or sweaters, the list goes on and on! Personally, I cannot leave the house without gloves due to weak blood circulation, so my hands tend to get very cold. Go for neutral colours if your wardrobe is as such, but if you love colour go crazy and get a cute and funky pair!

Keep your necks warm!

Big or skinny, knitted or cotton, scarves are never a no. Keeping your neck warm is seriously important because it protects your throat from getting those nasty winter coughs. Furthermore, they help with layering and are practical accessories in the negative degree weather right now. Even with one scarf, there are various different fun and cute ways to go about styling to change it up now and then. Check out this Youtube video for some ideas!

there are tons of ways to keep warm and be cute

Cover that Cranium!

Hats can be very useful in keeping in the heat from your head and ears, and I recommend investing in at least one that you can pop on right before you leave the house to enter the cold outdoors. A hat will be your best friend this Winter, and there are so many types to pick from – think Russian fur hats, beanies, maybe even a beret or cap with earmuffs. You will most likely be wearing it often to keep warm, so make sure it’s re-wearable and to your tastes.

If you’re not particularly a hat person, even layering a hoodie underneath your jacket or coat can work for a more casual look – just make sure to cover your ears too, since leaving them open to the cold air can make you more susceptible to infections and colds.

No more frozen feet!

Fluffy socks, thick tights and another personal favourite, leg warmers! Especially if you are not particularly fond of trousers and joggers, keeping warm in skirts or dresses in Winter can seem tough. Do not worry about getting cold legs and feet because there are tons of ways to keep warm and be cute.

Leg warmers paired with dresses and skirts or even on top of tights can elevate your look instantly. Make sure to get high density tights (such as 80+) or even fleece-lined tights if you want keep warm but still desire that sheer look. Add a long length coat or puffer to stay extra toasty.


What better way to revamp your winter look than getting on a good pair of boots? Whether you go for the more polished looking over the knee boots or classic Doc Martens paired with a vintage/grunge look, boots are a great way to spruce up the closet. Not to mention they are definitely more practical as they’ve got the extra grip for icy roads and more leg coverage so you can keep warmer! I suggest monochrome colours such as black or white as it will be easier to style these with the rest of your closet!

If you have a hard time breaking in boots and you aren’t so fond of dealing with the blisters that come with it, you could go for the extra comfy Ugg boots. Get some water repellent and spray it on so you can wear them even when it’s snowing.

Hopefully these tips and tricks have inspired you and will keep you toasty til the end of the winter! See you on the other side in the sunshine!

Sana Pethurupillai

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