The Glitz and Glamour of The British Fashion Awards 2023

Kate Hayhurst

The British Fashion Awards graced the red carpets on the 4th of December at the Royal Albert Hall, which aimed to recognise those contributing creativity and innovation towards this industry. Whilst the event raised over £1.3 million to support the future growth and success of British Fashion, the awards remained continuous in their mission to bring together a global community, amplify leaders of change, and celebrate excellence in creativity. Therefore, the big question is, who was amongst the best dressed? But most importantly, who were the winners? 

Previously, the modelling industry has been heavily criticised for limited body types.

The British Fashion Awards had invited over 3000 guests, with Maya Jamas and Kojey Radical co-hosting the event alongside Law Roach, who was in charge of the Red Carpet commentary. The stylist of Zendaya interviewed all kinds of stars from around the world whilst we were given first-class access to the looks and talks on the carpet. When given this opportunity, he said: ‘I feel so overwhelmed and grateful’ for being a prominent face of the awards this year. In his custom Loewe suit, Roach spoke to stars such as Anne Hathaway wearing a 1940s-inspired Valentino dress, arguably one of the night’s best looks. However, other stars took to the carpet to make a statement about their conscious fashion choices. One of these was Pamela Anderson, actress and model, who chose to be make-up-free whilst wearing a Victoria Beckham tailored suit to one of the year’s biggest nights.

However, a personal favourite look of the night was Paloma Elsesser, sophisticatedly wearing Ferragamo in a sleek, black dress. She was the first curved model to win the Model of the Year award. The awards were arguably more prominent than ever due to the diverse lineup. Despite Elsesser winning, the other contenders must be noted: Alton Mason, Anok Yai, Liu Wen, Kai-Isaiah and Mona Tougaard. Previously, the modelling industry has been heavily criticised for limited body types. But now, with the help of these models, we can appreciate the present increase in diversity in the industry. As many will agree, I hope this acceptance within modelling continues into years to come. 

Clothes are worn to be an expression of identity.

Charlotte Tilbury was also commended at the Fashion Awards this year for getting the special recognition award that, human rights activist, Amal Clooney awarded. She thanked Charlotte Tilbury for supporting her organisation, the Clooney Foundation, and said, “She is all heart and an inspiration to us all.” This year, Charlotte Tilbury has continued to make history, primarily through their famous advent calendar racking up to 450,000 searches online. The company has also been developing more by collaborating with well-known stars and celebrities such as Elton John. With their commitment to developing the beauty industry, it cannot be denied that they thoroughly deserved this award. 

The singer Sam Smith was awarded the Cultural Innovator Award wearing a stunning Taffeta dress with puffed shoulders. It cannot be denied that the musician’s style has developed over these past few years from their plain, smart suits to their bold and bright clothing and killer heels. Clothes are worn to be an expression of identity. Therefore, it is reassuring to witness celebrities embrace the evolution of fashion by confidently altering their attire, and it is equally heartening to acknowledge the Fashion Awards’ inclusive recognition. Caroline Rush demonstrates Smith’s contribution to the fashion industry: ‘Smith’s unapologetic and groundbreaking style choices have dominated the industry in 2023, and we are incredibly grateful for their continued support of U.K. designers.’

In conclusion, the British Fashion Awards 2023 was a night of glitz, glamour, and inspiration. It celebrated the diversity and creativity in the fashion industry and recognised the individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry. Whilst some winners have been mentioned, there are many others that need to be applauded for their contribution. The event was not just about fashion, but also about making a positive impact on society. The winners and highlights of the night have left a lasting impression on the fashion industry, and we can only hope that the industry continues to evolve and embrace diversity. Overall, the British Fashion Awards 2023 was an unforgettable night that showcased the best of the fashion industry.

Kate Hayhurst

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