Impact Campaign fundraising target extended to £200 million

After meeting its £150 million fundraising target a year ahead of schedule, The University of Nottingham’s (UoN) fundraising initiative, Impact: The Nottingham Campaign, has now extended this target to £200 million.

The campaign is the biggest fundraising initiative run by UoN and by July 2017 the University hopes to raise a further £50 million.

It also plans to engage a total of 1,000 volunteers with the creation of a wide range of opportunities for both alumni and staff.

The aim of the campaign is to transform research and enrich the lives of both students and the global communities the University serves.

“With further support we believe we can make breakthroughs in the early detection of breast cancer”

Vice-Chancellor of The University of Nottingham, Sir David Greenaway, said: “We have already achieved so much, but now is not the time to hit the brakes. It is clear to see that charitable support for life-changing research and student support is still needed”.

He added: “Our researchers developed the world’s first blood test to detect early-stage lung cancer. With further support, we believe we can make equally dramatic breakthroughs in the early detection and personalised treatment of breast cancer. These are just two of the critical issues that our ambitious new targets will allow us to address”.

Since its launch in October 2011, the Impact Campaign has provided funding for medical projects, including research into both dementia and cancer, scholarships, and funding to improve the Portland Building.

“It is good to know that if I ever needed funding for a project that had the potential to change lives, it would be possible”

The campaign also provides for University of Nottingham students through the Nottingham Potential scheme, which allows talented students across Nottingham to access higher education regardless of socio-economic background and financial status.

Tim Cave, a Masters Physics student, told Impact: “It is good to know that if I ever needed funding for a project that had the potential to change lives, it would be possible to have support from the University and the Impact Campaign’s brilliant fundraising”.

Second year English student Larissa Rowan said: “I think stretching the target for funds is a great idea, since the Impact Campaign has had such a great response already. Research within the University is obviously really important”.

Amy Wilcockson

Image: The University of Nottingham Blog

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