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Trailer Watch – Daddy’s Home

Starring Ted’s best pal Mark Wahlberg and the star of Anchorman and Elf  Will Ferrell, Daddy’s Home looks set to be a post-Christmas treat for comedy fans.

Last seen in 2010’s cop action flick, The Other Guys, the two stars reunite to play rival fathers. Ferrell plays the settled stepfather of two angelic children, whose life with their mother is simply perfect – until Wahlberg’s hunky and rebellious father makes an appearance. A ‘good, old-fashioned dad-off’ then ensues, with both father and stepfather competing over who is the best, providing many scenes of comic bravado in their attempts to become alpha male, alongside impressing both the children and their mother.

From Wahlberg’s bare-chested pull-ups and the film’s apparent focus on crotch shots, to Ferrell’s disastrous attempts at sporting antics, including mishaps with balls, bikes, and electric wires, this slapstick heavy film is definitely going to entertain kids and adults alike. Innuendos abound as the competing father figures compare the lengths of their swords, (apparently Wahlberg’s is longer but Ferrell’s knows how to listen), and Will Ferrell does his thing by generally buffooning around and spouting some cracking one-liners.  With music by legends AC/DC and directed by Sean Anders and John Morris, whose past hits include Horrible Bosses 2 and We’re the Millers, this film seems set to be a box-office smash, that proves family is worth fighting for.

We’ll find out if this dad comedy will live up to its wacky trailer when Daddy’s Home is released in the UK on 26th December 2015.

Amy Wilcockson

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