The Trials and Tribulations of Third Year

In our new regular feature, Natalie shares her experiences of third year so far – recognise how she is feeling? Comment below!

Now that my hysterical wide-eyed laughter has stopped, I am now fully able to grasp the seriousness of my situation: graduation is a daunting prospect for most people – what with the mountain of debt and a part time job at McDonald’s beckoning your way- let alone for someone graduating with the almost imaginary degree of Creative and Professional Writing…

But I digress; now that my dissertation submission date looms ever closer, the life of this 3rd year consists mainly of late nights, Tesco’s Own Vodka, and crying into a bargain bucket of KFC. Well, that and banging my forehead on the keyboard, praying that my stress-acne is a better writer than I am.

But of course dissertation stress isn’t the only thing you have to look forward to in 3rd year – oh no – because after two years of Ocean Fridays, White Horse Kebabs and 5am Domino’s, you’ll also find yourself two stone heavier and with the fitness levels of an Eric Pickles-Susan Boyle love child.

Plus, with the naïve, happy first years skipping about campus, you find yourself constantly reminded of what ‘hope’ used to look like. My advice to any freshers out there would be: fail your exams. Seriously, fail them all! Live the life of a uni version of Peter Pan and never grow up. Because once you hit third year – you can say goodbye to fun.

Although, one redeeming factor of becoming an almost-adult is that once you’ve finished uni, you’ll now be able to legally drink in America… It’s just too bad that you spent all your money on STUDENT LOANS and BOOZE.
And after that cheerful rant, I’m off to have a break down.


Natalie Mallory

Image: bottled_void via Flickr

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