Hidden Treasures Of Etsy

Impact Style went deep into the online shopping world to discover the best hidden treasures from all of our favourite websites. This week we explored Etsy.

For stylish hidden treasures, I immediately turned to one of my favourite websites, Etsy. From handmade to vintage, quirky to colourful, this website allows sellers worldwide to trade their wares, and offers the opportunity to find some real hidden treasures!

1. The Crafty Cow Shed

Crafty Cow Shed

Item: Diddy Dinosaur Earrings

Price: £2.50

Offering a selection of handmade jewellery and accessories, Crafty Cows is a gem of a shop! These Diddy Dinosaurs used to be buttons, but have been transformed into fun and funky earrings, and are definitely a unique addition to your wardrobe.

I want this!

2. Vera’s Eye Candy

Veras eye candy

Item: AC/DC Mini Dress

Price: £33.01

I’m a huge fan of both AC/DC and LBDs, and this mini dress by Vera’s Eye Candy combines the two with ease. With a vintage rock style that can be dressed up or down, I’d treasure this dress!

I want this!

3. Old But Gold Vintage

old but gold vintah

Item: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Jacket

Price: £16.99

Old But Gold Vintage sells affordable and unique vintage clothing from around the world – this vintage Hilfiger denim jacket being the perfect example of both a chic and cheap staple item that I predict will be sold very soon!

I want this!

4. Bookarelli


Item: Book Clutch Purse – Alice in Wonderland

Price: £59.50

From Persuasion to Harry Potter, this Nottingham-based store sells authentic literary classics that have been converted into stylish and stunning clutch bags. One for the book –lovers among you, I know this little treasure will be popping up on my Christmas list.

I want this!

5. Chloe’s Vintage Jewellery

chloes vintage jewelry

Item: Vintage Art Nouveau Necklace

Price : £21.40

My favourite artist is Art Nouveau genius, Alphonse Mucha, so imagine my joy when I came across this delicate replica of his masterpiece ‘The Arts: Poetry’, but in necklace form. A statement item and my favourite hidden

I want this!

6. Carousel Ink

carousel ink

Item: Victorian City Leggings

Price: £23.21

These whimsical and unique leggings are a testament to and a quirky twist on this season’s gothic Victoriana trend currently sweeping the catwalks. And for that price, who can say no?

I want this!

7. Julia Bo Shoes

Julia Bo Shoes

Item: Handmade Oxford Pumps

Price: £89.52

By far the priciest treasure I found, these handmade shoes made of genuine leather are however, simply irresistible. With a seller that prizes diversity and authenticity, these shoes are made to order and available in a wide range of styles and colours. Perfect for those who like to look unique, these shoes can also be customised for free.

I want this!

8. Creative Laughs

Creative Laughs

Item: Phone Case

Price: £9.91

This ethereal phone case, with its unusual design is a real steal at only £10.00. The makers also don’t discriminate against non-Iphone users, so it’s possible to pick any design from the wide selection on offer.

I want this!

Amy Wilcockson

Credits:, Etsy/The Crafty Cow Shed, Etsy/Veronica for Vera’s Eye Candy, Etsy/Etsy, Old But Gold Vintage, Etsy/Jo for Bookarelli, Etsy/Kaitryne Durham for Chloe’s Vintage Jewelry, Etsy/ Carousel Ink, Etsy/Julia Bo Shoes, Etsy/Jason Newport for Creative Laughs


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