Winner Announced: Community Officer – Abel Hartman

Abel Hartman has been announced as the new Community Officer.

Abel faced fierce competition from four candidates. Abel secured the position by just 6 votes that left him with “no words” after 4 rounds of voting.

He added that this small number of votes translated to roughly “1/2 an hour of speaking to people”.

Although, jubilant he plans to recuperate instead of partying. Speaking to Impact he admitted that he has not slept properly in 6 days.

However, he believed that the manifesto that centred “on looking out for the community” clearly resonated with people.

Addressing next year’s challenge, he aims to challenge landlords’ position. He added that “students have been in a vulnerable position for too long”.

Round 1:

Scott Jennings: 1,910

Dina Elkordy: 1,526

Ian Opara : 1,148

Abel Hartman: 1,821

RON: 168

Round 2:

Scott Jennings: 1,918

Dina Elkordy: 1,529

Ian Opara: 1,152

Abel Hartman: 1, 866

Round 3:

Scott Jennings: 2, 064

Dina Elkordy: 1,682

Abel Hartman: 2, 031

Round 4:

Scott Jennings: 2, 276

Abel Hartman: 2, 282

Round 5:

Abel Hartman: 3, 099

Total: 6,623

Written by Marco Dall’Antonia

Images by Impact Images 

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  • Matt
    14 March 2016 at 12:10
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    Can someone please explain STV to me? If Scott had more votes than Abel in Round 4, why did he not win?

    • Beth Rowland
      14 March 2016 at 13:31
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      Hi Matt – the numbers have been rectified to show correct results. We apologise for the mistake.

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