Beth Massey has been announced as the new Education Officer.

5,839 students voted for this position and 5 candidates ran. The threshold for voting was set at 2,920. After one round of voting, Beth received 3,021 votes, beating David Garner who received 1,263 votes.

Beth told Impact that she was feeling “overwhelmed”. “I obviously hoped I’d win but not by this amount. It has been absolutely amazing”.

For Beth, the best part of campaigning was “the last five minutes”.

“My absolute favourite experience was campaigning in a Criminology lecture yesterday. It wasn’t a normal one minute shout out. I talked to them for five minutes and I was about to leave when the lecture said ‘wait, maybe they’ll ask questions’ and they did”.

“It was the first time I felt like people were interested in the campaign”, she shared.

“There are over 7,000 new students coming in and I want their experience to beam”

Beth is most looking forward to “talking to students and getting involved” next year. “There are over 7,000 new students coming in and I want their experience to beam”.

When asked how she plans to celebrate, Beth said she wants to “drink and celebrate with her team”, and ring her mother who has been “listening on the radio”.


Round 1:

Beth Massey: 3,021 votes

David Garner: 1,263 votes

Debbie: 678 votes

Halil: 336 votes

RON: 194 votes

Tamsin Parnell

Images: Impact Images Team

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