Alternative Ways To Spend Your University Debt

The cost of studying at Uni is a constant nagging in the back of student’s minds. According to a study by insurance provider LV, those who started their degree in the autumn of 2012 (since the rise of tuition fees) will graduate with an average debt of £53,330. With studying at university costing such a staggering amount, Impact has put together a list of alternative ways to spend the money.

1. A Yacht


Cost – £51, 894


With the wind in your hair and regardless of your parents telling you that a degree gives you the freedom to control your future, nothing compares to the freedom a yacht gives you. There’s no need to worry about essay deadlines, missing lectures and how much money to spend on food vs. alcohol, when you’re on a yacht. All you need to worry about is where you’re going to set sail to, and of course nothing says after-party like a yacht.


Unless you happen to have trained as a sailor alongside your studying, a yacht may not be the best way to spend the extra money. The sea is a cruel mistress and despite your hopes that you and your yacht will project the image of Leonardo Di’Capiro’s Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, the reality will be much closer to poor Leo in Titanic.

2. Semi-Detached Bungalow in Norfolk


Cost – £50,000


Many people will argue that one of the most important reasons for studying is to find your dream job so you can eventually settle down, and nothing says settling down more than buying your own bungalow. It may not be in the most glamorous of locations but as you’ll no longer have to pay rent, think of all the jagerbombs in crisis you can buy.


Norfolk is hardly the commercial centre of England so when you eventually do have to get a job career opportunities are scarce. It’s also quite far from Nottingham so when the call of Ocean on a Friday night gets too much to resist you’ll have a pretty big taxi fare to pay.

3. 98 iPhone 6’s


Cost – £52, 822


When the inevitable happens and you either lose or break your phone in Crisis or Ocean, never fear you’ll have a spare one for every night out. You’ll also never have to worry about drunk calling again, whenever you do have one too many and start to drunkenly text your ex there’s no need to live with the embarrassment, just change your number and use one of your many new phones.


No matter how much of a BNOC you are, nobody needs that many phones.

4. Porsche


Cost – £ 52, 879


With a car this fast no one would ever be able to stop and tell you that wasting all this money on a car was a bad idea. Your parents may not be too happy with you spending all this money on what they think is a ‘waste’ but as it would be pretty hard to catch you up, there’s no need to worry.


They’ll come a point when you have to stop driving and start getting a job.

5. Or you could stick with the degree


Cost – £53, 330


According to the BBC people with degrees earned an average of £12,000 a year more than non-graduates over the last decade. Sometimes money just isn’t enough, no amount of iphones or fancy cars can persuade a hospital to let you practise medicine.


As lovely as a piece of paper which proves your intelligence is, it’s much easier to cry yourself to sleep over the debt when your on a yacht.

(Impact does not encourage or promote this scale of irresponsible spending in any way)

Charlotte McIntyre

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