Science Societies at Nottingham

With over 10 different science courses at The University of Nottingham there are a lot of science students out there. While your lives may seem to be taken over by chemicals, equations and labs, each course has a society to help bring some support. Impact Science takes a look at what each science society offers and how you can get involved.

We are PhysSoc – The University of Nottingham’s physics society. We are officially the University of Nottingham’s best departmental society 2014 and one of the biggest and most active physics societies in the UK – previously winning best trip for our annual CERN visit and most improved society in the UoN student’s union awards. We aim to make sure our member’s time here in Nottingham is the best it can possibly be; by running a huge range of events, trips (locally and abroad), skills sessions, socials, sports, outreach, training sessions, careers & employability events and more. Come find us at freshers’ fair for more info and to sign up!
Kristen Thobroe

Natural Sciences
In Natural Sciences we have a saying; ‘Indecision is a decision too’. Within our course we have students studying combinations of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Geography, Environmental Science and Archaeology so we don’t often/ever see everyone else in lectures. NatSci Soc is, therefore, a great chance for us to all get together and be safe in the thought that no one is going to ask you what you plan to do after Uni, because literally no one has decided. We meet weekly for lunch, run regular socials including nights out, bowling, laser quest and ice-skating. We also run interview and job application workshops in collaboration with TeachFirst and have a football, netball and mixed hockey team. Students from every science background are more than welcome to attend any of our events. We’re a relatively small science society but we make up for size in enthusiasm, variety and vivacity!
Rachel Hsuan

Biochem Soc brings together students studying Biochemistry, Biological Chemistry or Genetics and aims to bring together all years, through our socials, events and academic help. Although we are a small society we are an enthusiastic one and hold regular socials where you’ll find us anywhere from dressed as animals on a boat to declaring our Biochem pride throughout Nottingham. This year we plan to bring more varied events and activities than ever so there’s something for everyone. There’s also a dedicated parenting scheme where new students are paired with second or third years for academic help or advice on coping with university life. We also have two sporting teams so there’s many ways that you can get involved with the society. We’re here to provide some fun and support away from lectures and labs, so come and join in!
Jessica Hewitt-Dean

Computer Science
CompSoc is the Computer Science society. We represent the interests of computer science students as well as those with a general interest in technology and computing. We organise many social events, career events and we regularly go on trips to expositions and trade events. Our primary goal is to be a student run point of contact for those within the school, but our membership is open to everyone. We’re looking forward to an exciting year with many big events planned including a visit to Hannover Germany for the CeBit exposition as well as speaker events with some of the most influential people in the industry.
Steve Butler

Shocksoc is a society for people who are interested in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. We were set up as a society to cater for people studying EEE but we also cater for anyone who has an interest within the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. So what do we do? Everything! We hold regular social events, accommodating for non-drinkers as well as drinkers; including a huge engineering ball that unites the whole engineering community in the summer. We also have sports teams for both males and females and lead an engineering project that brings the Electrical and Electronic community together to have some fun outside the lecture theatre. Shocksoc is a great opportunity to meet and socialise with people who have similar interests to you and with membership only being £3.00, it’s a bargain!
Justin Kendrick

The Mechanical Engineering society ‘MechSoc’ aims to help engineering students get the most of their University experience by focusing on 3 things: socials, sports and careers. MechSoc is all about improving the student experience. If it’s all getting a bit too much, come and let off steam on the football or rugby pitches, go out and party with your mates after a tough hand in, and when things start to get serious, we hope to help you get your foot in the door with some of the world’s biggest companies. For the coming year we have an excellent mentoring scheme designed to increase integration between the years of study within the department, so if help is ever needed, we are only a text or an email away. In MechSoc we work hard, play hard and party even harder. So make sure you join in the fun and don’t miss out on any of your best times at University.
Elliot McDermott

Our Biology Society is a gold award winning society that is a home away from home for any students studying Biology, Zoology, Genetics and Biochemistry and Genetics or any other Life Science themed subject. We run regular socials, several times a month ranging from zoo trips, sports and whole society socials as well as alternative events including charity pub quizzes. We have many sports teams including a football, netball, hockey and rugby team that welcome everyone of all abilities to play for fun, fitness and to win (now and again). Above all, Biology Society is the perfect platform to use to socialise with friends and course mates outside of the lecture and halls environment.
Oliver Steels

MathSoc is the best society for all maths students to put their calculators down and try something new. We are a very active and diverse society with something for just about everyone – whether you want to secure an internship or graduate job with big companies such as Deloitte, play netball, football or rugby with our successful sports teams, or go on one of our many sell out socials, we have it covered! Our aim as a society is to not only ensure you have the best time at University, but also kick start your career after you graduate – so make sure you check out MathSoc at Welcome Fair and we hope to see you soon!
Nick Mugridge

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