Could You Be Impact’s New Columnist?


Have you ever dreamed of becoming the next Caitlin Moran? Do you think you could give Charlie Brooker a run for his money? Or maybe you fancy yourself in David Mitchell’s position? If so then Impact has the job for you!

We are recruiting columnists for the upcoming university year so if you think you can produce witty, original, thought-provoking pieces that could be read by thousands of students, then we want to hear from you.


Is your life so crazy that other people simply must hear about it? Do you have a unique viewpoint on student life? Do you have something that sets you apart from others (could you be a millionaire student?). Impact is searching for recurring columnists to produce a 500-word piece fortnightly, so if you have a great idea for a column get in touch. We want to see bold and humorous content animated by a unique voice. Could that voice be yours?

Advice Columnists

Do you have wisdom to spread? If you think you could be Impact’s resident agony aunt/uncle then make sure you apply to be one of our two advice columnists. We’re looking for a male and female advice columnist to dish out advice to fellow students. We want sharp, entertaining responses, whether that be from an alter-ego or yourself.

How to Apply

We will be accepting submissions up to 23:59 on 5th October 2014. Please send all submissions to features@impactnottingham.com and include a brief 100 word summary telling us about yourself and your column along with your contact details. We’d also like to receive one of the following:

For Columnists: Send a 500-word draft of your first column.

For Advice Columnist: Answer one of the following enquiries. Remember to make it funny.

  • Dear [insert name here], I’ve been hit by a severe case of Freshers’ flu, but I don’t want to stop going out. What should I do?
  • Dear [insert name here], after a few too many ill-advised refreshers at Coco Tang I ended up spending the night with a flatmate. It gets worse; he has a girlfriend. Should I tell her or keep quiet?
  • Dear [insert name here], I’ve not been feeling very rah as of late and it’s been quite some time since I discovered myself during my gap yah. Please do help.
Terms and conditions

• Successful candidates will be contacted through email. Please understand that your column may need some work before publication.
• If you are successful you will be contracted to produce an original piece of work once a fortnight for the academic year. With appropriate notice this is negotiable.

If you have any questions about the applications please email us at features@impactnottingham.com.

Good luck!

Natasha Gregson, Abby Ross and Charlotte McIntyre – Features Editors 14/15

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