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Trailer Watch – Annie

Annie. It’s a musical nearly everyone has seen or knows something about. It’s the one with the chirpy red headed orphan. Well, think again…

There have already been two Annie films. One in 1982 and another in 1999. As the musical is forever being revived on Broadway or the West End, it’s hardly surprising that we’ve got another interpretation heading our way just in time for Christmas, with Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz and Rose Byrne leading a promising cast. What is surprising however, is that the producers of this retelling of the classic story are Will Smith and Jay-Z.

I think my main issue with this trailer is the tiny sample we get of the new ‘Tomorrow’. The original song is nothing short of a classic. Jay-Z’s version appears to start in the same soulful way as the original, packed with an orphan’s hopes for the future. And then the beat drops…

Sure, it’s a modern re-imagining of the classic tale and it looks like great family entertainment, supplying both enough comedy to keep audiences laughing whilst still packing emotional punch but I’m not entirely OK with Jay-Z messing with ‘Tomorrow’. Also it looks like the ‘modern remake’ brief may have been taken a little too far. In fact, every shot seems to be “Look at all the modern tech. It’s modern.”

Cameron Diaz does, however, in my eyes, save the trailer slightly, with what looks like to be a hilarious turn as orphanage owner Miss Hannigan. It appears we might finally have a character in a musical questioning why everyone keeps bursting into song.

Henry Stanley

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