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Trailer Watch – In the Heart of the Sea

Hollywood may be lacking some original scripts at present, but their obsession with existing material has started showing promise.

Ron Howard’s latest film, In the Heart of the Sea, recounts the true events that inspired the sinister tale of Moby-Dick (1851). When twenty-one men board an American whaling ship, namely the Essex, they seek to hunt the waves for a sizeable catch, not realising that waiting beneath the surface is a legend destined to overwhelm them.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor) takes centre stage in this picture as the first mate, Owen Chase. He is accompanied by Cillian Murphy (Inception) as the second mate, with a series of established names like Brendan Gleeson and Ben Wishaw on the cast list too. CGI is going to be a fundamental glue for the film; if nicely balanced with live-action shooting, the film’s appearance could certainly be a memorable one, as evident in this new trailer.

With Ron Howard at the wheel once more, Hemsworth and his director will seek to replicate the success achieved with Rush (2013). In the Heart of the Sea is one to remember for its March 13th release next year.

Liam Tappin

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