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Cádiz: the village-like town where everything is possible. Located at the foot of Spain, it hides a host of random treasures that can only be properly explored by spending time with the people who live there. After falling in love with Cádiz, we’ve noted down some things you should know if you ever visit, and you should.

Although it would not only be unfair but impossible to sum up Cádiz in a few words, this list is a starting guide to your adventure. Sit back and take our word for it.


  • CUMBRES MAYORES: This has to be at the top of any meat-lover’s list. The best meat restaurant in town and the perfect place if you want to please your taste buds with delicious, sauce-dripping tapas and smooth potatoes. Vegetarians beware; you might have some trouble finding dishes that will fuel your appetite! Try their abanico, albondigas en Roquefort and secreto a la brasa iberica.
  • LA ISLETA: For food, go on a Monday. €2 tapas and €1 beer will definitely keep you satisfied. Don’t miss out on their thick tortilla de patatas con espinaca, with their homemade tiramisu to finish it off.
  • LA CUEVA: A vegetarian heaven, offering €1 tapas and beers everyday before 10pm.
  • BALLANDRO: For fuller wallets and more gourmet dishes, this place offers belly-filling plates. It holds a variety of tapas and restaurant dishes that will keep you wanting more.
  • AL ANDALUZ: Although it may lack a seaside view, the fried fish at Al Andaluz does not disappoint. Small and traditional, it’s located right by the central market.
  •  CENTRAL MARKET: Open everyday until 2pm, selling fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese and meat for ridiculously cheap prices. The beauty of the market lies in the fact that on Saturday it fills with people, all coming to eat lunch at one of the various food stands. Tip: At closing time during the week, all the leftover fruit and veg is put in a box and people are welcome to take whatever they like. Free food? Yes please.


For coffee, try- 

  •  LA CLANDESTINA: One of the best coffee places in town. Not only does it offer delicious cakes, (apple cake with nuts and homemade apple jam is a must) but its tranquil environment also invites plenty of reading and discussion. This café-library has a variety of books that are free to read and they often have poetry readings too. A paradise for book–lovers.
  • LA PANÁRIA: Ground coffee to enjoy over warm pastries and soul-jazz music on the main street of town.
  • TOP COFFEE: With their fake Starbucks sign, this coffee shop has a variety of lattes and teas (a rare find in Cádiz). However the fresh juices and smoothies are what win the prize. The great big windows offer a great place to study…or not.
  • PELÍCANO: Not only it is one of the most popular music bars in town with daily events, gigs and shows but it also provides an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean at sunset. Located on the side of Santa Maria beach, their coffee with a view is a must.

And for something a little stronger- 

  • LA ISLETA: This alternative cultural and hippy bar will quickly turn your night into a wild one. Enjoy €1 beers in the company of musicians and artists who will be sure to get their instruments out towards the end of the night, (until the owner silences them and everyone hits the streets to continue the madness). Every night they have different offers on the menu- €1 beers, €3 mojitos, the list goes on. Obligatory for art- lovers.
  • LA TETERIA: Shisha and a middle-eastern vibe to set the mood. Mojito Wednesdays are recommended.
  • NAHÚ BAR: Found in the bar area of the city, Nahú has rich cocktails at high-end prices. Dress up and enjoy the music in a more elegant and clean setting. If you decide you want a wilder experience just hop to the bar next door, or the one further down, or even further… You won’t be disappointed.


  • If a beer is more than €2, it is over-priced. The same goes for a glass of wine.
  • Pillows are long and rectangular.
  • You will see the biggest tree roots you will ever see. And yes you will climb them.

Where are the best vibes you ask?

It’s in none of the bars above. It’s in the people. The locals of Cádiz turn a simple night into an adventure and possibly the best night of your life. If your night doesn’t end with singing in the streets with local musicians, then you’re doing it wrong. Keep walking around town and follow the music. Art is everywhere in Cádiz, you just have to find it. This is what Cádiz is all about. Cheap beer, good food, crazy people and sweet music.

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Eleni Philippou 

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Pictures courtesy of Eleni Philippou and Lorenzo Martín Iglesias via Flickr.


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