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This week, Impact Food were invited to visit Rocket@Saltwater. Located in the Cornerhouse, this restaurant offers a delicious menu of pizzas, skewers and meaty dishes – including the House Made Burger, Massive Back Ribs and the Pulled Pork Tortilla Wrap. But do we recommend rocking up to Rocket?

Upon entering the restaurant we were fascinated by the mish-mash of decor – a wall of beer bottles, glass lanterns, chalk style pillars, oriental wallpaper on the ceiling and paper menus – however were left slightly confused as to what exactly the restaurant was trying to be. Nevertheless, after browsing through the starters we were intrigued by the Pork Crackling Air Bags with Magic Cajun Dust, and were eager to try the Fried Breaded Coconut King Prawns with Julienne Mango and Lime Sauce. The starters arrived quickly, by friendly and attentive staff and we were met with two beautifully presented starters in all of their glory.

The king prawns were cooked to perfection and the combination of the breaded coconut shell with the tangy mango and lime dipping sauce was excellent.

image1 (3)

Fried Breaded Coconut King Prawns with Julienne Mango and Lime Sauce

As for the pork crackling air bags… well, they really were air bags. Presented in a small jar, we felt they took the form of light, bite-sized crisps, rather than pork crackling per se, although we can see their appeal for those of you wanting a light snack to pick at over cocktails.

image2 (3)

Pork Crackling Air Bags with Magic Cajun Dust

As our 14oz T-Bone steaks were delivered to our table, we were met with a challenge as one astonished diner exclaimed, “You are never going to eat all of that?!” It then became our aim to demolish every last bite, and BOY it was so delicious that we savoured every single one. Did we hit a ‘steak wall’ three quarters of the way through the meal? Yes we did. Although STILL we were victorious, and to everyone’s surprise we finished every last skin-on fry, sweet potato chip, slaw’, salad and of course the mammoth steak.

image5 (2)

The “Sizzler” 14 oz T-Bone Steak with Garlic and Herbs, BBQ Caramelised Onions and Sweet Potato Chips

Putting the steak challenge aside, the dish was faultless. Every mouthful of steak was as great as the first, and the caramelised onions were delectable. The sweet potato chips were seasoned exactly to my taste, and we thoroughly enjoyed the skin on fries. I can be very fussy with coleslaw, but as coleslaw goes, it was the best. It wasn’t overpowered by onion and was thick and creamy.

Following our starters and then our colossal main, I will not lie…we were unsure as to whether we would be able to manage a dessert. However, when we saw the Sweet Ginger Biscuit and Peanut Butter Cheesecake on the menu, we knew that we HAD to soldier on.

image6 (2)

Sweet Ginger Biscuit and Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Again, the portion was absolutely massive, so we were very pleased that we had ordered just one pudding to share between the two of us. We were afraid that the dessert as a whole may be rich and sickly after a couple of bites, however the ginger in the chocolate base was not overpowering, and the peanut butter centre was to die for.  The pudding tasted as good as it looked. Luscious.

If you are looking to dine somewhere with a touch of class and can have a truly delicious meal, we recommend Rocket@Saltwater through and through. Although our £20 steaks were a little steep, every Tuesday you can grab yourself an 8oz sirloin, rib eye or rump steak and hand cut chips for £10. The restaurant also has its own bar area with a heated roof terrace, the perfect place to enjoy a drink from their extensive cocktail menu.

Heather Corser

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    The food looks scrumptious and sounds yummy!! I can not wait to dine here and feast with friends!!!!

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