Student bike thefts on the rise

New statistics have shown that thefts of bikes across University of Nottingham’s campuses are increasing.

University statistics show that bike thefts have increased by 12% on last year. In the academic year 2013/14, 112 bike thefts were reported across UoN campuses, an increase of 36 thefts compared to the previous year. The statistics also show that bike thefts constitute half of all crime reported on campus.

112 bike thefts were reported across UoN campuses

The statistics show that students off campus have also been affected – 126 bikes in Dunkirk and Lenton were stolen last year. According to the Office National Statistic, over 6000 bicycles have been stolen in Nottinghamshire in the past year – this equates to sixteen bikes every day.

Fourth year University of Nottingham student Ricky Roy had his bike stolen earlier this year. He said: “My bike was stolen from an access only car park with CCTV whilst it was locked up. Despite this police investigations were ‘inconclusive.’”

“I thought it would have been safe in a locked bike shed”

Similarly, a third year history student shared their experience of having a bike taken from inside the University’s locked bike sheds: “I had forgotten to lock the bike up, so it was my fault, although, I thought it would have been safe in a locked bike shed.”

Gary Stevens, Head of Security at the University of Nottingham, commented that increased cycle use was attracting more offenders, who are not deterred by often lenient sentences. However, security staff have apprehended a number of bike thieves and Anti-Social Behaviour Orders with conditions not to enter University campuses are having a positive impact.

UoN runs the UCycle scheme which promotes cycle security and offer advice on preventing thefts online and at events throughout the year.

Guy Williams

Image: megan ann via Flickr

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