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1. This is what a feminist looks like


Huge controversy has been raised surrounding the otherwise positive slogan tee’s, after it came to light that the garments may be produced in inhumane factory conditions. It was reported that they are made by females in Mauritius for a mere 62p an hour, despite being sold for £45. Exploiting women for cheap labour just about goes against all forms of feminism, modern and traditional.

The Fawcett Society insist such rumours are false, and that workers are treated just as they would be in westernised countries.


2. Marco Zanini spends only 1 year at Schiaperelli


The creative director, Marco Zanini, parts ways with Parisian fashion house, effective immediately, as the brand was not exactly “to his fit” as reported by WWD. He was appointed to revive the house of Schiaperelli, which had been inactive for 50 years+, over a year ago. Only having produced 2 haute couture collections, his full potential at the brand may never have been realised, despite his attempts to chime into the true spirit of Elsa, when designing he A/W 2015 pieces. The collection was visionary, a modern twist on the 1920’s, executed with a romantic allure, whilst still incorporating Schiaperelli’s signature shade: shocking pink.

The fashion house is still yet to appoint a new creative director.


3. Naomi Campbell’s latest charity venture


As part of the Fashion for Relief campaign, whose latest aim is to raise awareness about Ebola, Campbell opens a pop-up shop in Westfield London selling hand-me-downs from herself, and supermodel friends. In the past she has worked with intiatives to raise money for victims in Haiti and Japan, so altruism seems to be a trait that comes naturally to her.

The pop-up shop is set to open from 28th November – 7th December.


4. Harvey Nichols is pro fur


Luxury department store, Harvey Nichols, is seeking an injunction to prevent anti-fur protestors from picketing outside the store. They claim the injunction is to protect their shoppers and is merely a “precautionary measure being taken in response to increased activity from anti-fur protesting groups”. Heartless Harvey Nichols is a anti-fur organisation that sparked this legal request to prevent protestors from coming within 50m of the department store. They also launched a national online petition to further their efforts.


5. Enroll in the Balmain Army


The popular fashion house, headed by Oliver Rousteing, recently launched their brand new website. Shoppers now have more ways to get their hands on pieces that are modelled by the likes of Cara Delevingne and Jordan Dunn. The new site exudes a sense of exclusivity, as designed by Meri Media, and will feature short clips called “Enroll #BalmainArmy”. Get a first look here


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