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Trailer Watch – Big Eyes

Not much has been seen from Tim Burton since he directed the stop-motion film Frankenweenie, but now he’s back and, for this film at least, he’s shed the stereotypes that have made his name in cinema and is trying something new. Nary a Johnny Depp nor a Helena Bonham Carter is in sight for Burton’s second foray into portraying a story based on true events.

Big Eyes, starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz, follows the life of Margaret Keates and her phenomenal paintings in the 1950s, and the ensuing struggle with her husband, Walter, who claims the credit and the fame from her art. From watching the trailer, you wouldn’t guess that this is a film of Tim Burton’s creation. The colours are bright and there is only a hint of his usual style of fantasy – it’s a refreshing change.

Set for a Boxing Day release, Big Eyes could become the drama that dominates the Christmas box office.

Leigh Campbell

Film & TV

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