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Anti-Advent Calendar #23

Christmas. It’s nearly here, with just one more Anti-Advent recommendation to go. After today’s of course. Speaking of which…

 After some of the more intense entries in our calendar (and if those have been appealing to you, just wait until tomorrow’s selection…) we have Discopath. Not to be confused with- no, wait, Discopath is a true original. Renaud Gauthier and Marie-Claire Lalonde’s 70’s slasher homage focused on Duane Lewis, an awkward, shy young man with an unfortunate condition: when he hears disco music, he is driven to kill.

Unlike others in the recent trend of exploitation nostalgia (Machete, Grindhouse, Hobo With A Shotgun et al), Discopath probably works best due to its sincerity, despite its ludicrous and fantastic concept. Not really self-referential or ironic, to its benefit, the film is nonetheless very funny, very manic and suitably gory (decapitated heads spinning on 45s anyone?). It also features the best corpse-propelling hearse crash set to Kiss’ ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ in cinema. Probably.

Tom Watchorn

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