Music Advent Calendar #2: Snarky Puppy – ‘Thing of Gold’

Holding up the philosophy that Christmas music should not only be festive, but diverse, Impact has compiled a list of 25 ‘Christmas songs’ to take you through advent. Including not only songs which are indisputably part of the Christmas canon, but also straying into areas of music which holds looser links to the season. Starting with the tenuous and heading for the recognised classics, look no further for your advent soundtrack.

Continuing with our tenuous beginning to advent brings us to Snarky Puppy’s ‘Thing of Gold’. Whilst Christmas is a time of cheer, excess and presents for many of us, there are those who steadfastly remember the nativity story, including the three kings giving a baby perhaps the three least age appropriate presents in human history: gold (note the song’s link), frankincense and myrrh.

The song itself is accessible to the whole family; even your Grandma might find herself approving of the jazzy vibes it puts out, ‘not bad for young people’s music’, and excellent for that often awkward half hour on Christmas day when the pudding isn’t quite steamed.

Jacob Banks

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