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Last week, Impact Food was excited to find that we had been left a present under the office Christmas tree! The sender was Taffy Mail: a new UK mail subscription service with a sweet twist. After subscribing online, customers receive a monthly box of American candy through the post for £14.99/month. The box of goodies arrives around the 18th of the month, making it the ideal pick me up!

We wasted no time in opening up the box to discover what lay inside and were met with SUGAR in a large variety of forms. As with each Taffy Mail delivery, the package contained 10-12 different treats including chocolate bars, chewy sticks and even soda! We were particularly delighted to receive a Nestle ‘Butterfinger’, a box of Wonka’s ‘Nerds’ and a bar of Hershey’s ‘Cookies n Creme’, which didn’t even make it out of the office..!

“But haven’t I already seen these items in UK shops?” I hear you ask. We thought exactly the same and so decided to do some research. It is possible to get hold of these items in the UK: Hershey’s can be found in certain supermarkets and other specialist sweet shops stock items from ‘over the pond.’ However, if you have a penchant for American candy, you will have to seek it out; one advantage of Taffy Mail appears to be the convenience of having the contents pictured below delivered directly to your door.

Taffy Mail

That said, as students we’re probably more concerned with the costs involved than the leg work! Time to do some maths. A Taffy Mail box will cost you £14.99 a month, with free delivery; buying the same bar of Hershey’s from Asda will cost you £1.20 and you can buy Wonka’s “Nerds” online for £1.42. The average price of one Taffy Mail treat works out at around £1.25; is it really worth it?

Taffy Mail may remove the effort and potential £5 hidden delivery charge from sourcing your favourite American candy, but only if you have many favourites; there’s no guarantee that your monthly box will contain Hershey’s, Reese’s or Nerds. If you know what you like, and you like lots of it, this service may not be worth the cost.

However, we were pleasantly surprised by the moreish ‘Tootsie Roll’ and the child-tastic ‘Pop Rocks’ that were included in our delivery; if you love your American candy, are keen to broaden your sweet horizons and want to receive a load of American sugar with minimal effort,  Taffy Mail could just hit the spot!

Lauren Wilson

Image Credit: Taffy Mail and Lauren Wilson

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Intrigued by Taffy Mail? Head over to their website to discover more; look out for a discount code!


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