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Peanut butter and jelly, guacamole, sauerkraut, broccoli, pancakes and even a Yorkshire pudding are hardly toppings you would associate with a beef burger, but they are exactly what make Annie’s Burger Shack as popular and as unique as it is.

After starting out serving food from the kitchen of the Navigation Inn along the canal, Annie’s Burger Shack turned into its own fully fledged restaurant in the Lace Market almost a year ago. Ever since, it has become without doubt the most popular place to eat amongst burger lovers, students, locals, tourists, and even Johnny Vegas.

Unfortunately the sheer popularity of the restaurant is a problem in itself. Even at 6.30pm on a Thursday evening, there was still a waiting time of 45 minutes to get a table. Fortunately, they’ve thought of a way of keeping people amused while they wait at Annie’s: located underneath the restaurant is the Tavern, where you can grab a drink and relive your youth playing Mario Kart before you head back up to the restaurant when your table is ready. Who knew waiting could be so much fun?!

Now on to the most important thing: the food. The amount of choice is quite simply overwhelming, yet the quality of the burgers is so good that no matter what you choose, there is no way you will end up disappointed.

After much deliberation, I took the risk and went for ‘The Sunday Dinner’. A beef burger with a roast chicken breast, homemade Yorkshire pudding, a stuffing ball, roast potatoes and vegetables, all completely covered with gravy. Let’s face it, it shouldn’t work, yet it was absolutely amazing. My friends went for the safer but equally great options of ‘The Sloppy Joe’, a beef burger topped with chilli con carne and onion rings, and ‘The Jamie Blackmore’, a beef burger with a colossal amount of pulled pork on top.

It is hard to see the popularity of Annie’s Burger Shack decreasing any time soon; I know for sure that there is no chance of me refusing an invitation to ‘Annie’s’ until I have tried all 30 burgers on the menu!

Annie’s Burger Shack, 

5 Broadway,

Lace Market,

Nottingham, NG1 1PR

Mike Winnington

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Image Credit: Mike Winnington


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