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Trailer Watch – Cinderella

Disney seems to be currently obsessed with live action remakes; giving old, beloved childhood characters a fresh, more elaborate back story than in their original movies. First seen in Maleficent, which gave a new spin to Sleeping Beauty, now it’s Cinderella’s turn to receive the live action treatment, with more of a focus on Cinderella’s mother than ever before.

Unlike Maleficent, which explored the villain’s backstory in a new light rather than the original heroine’s tale, Cinderella looks to be a straight forward retelling of 1950’s classic animated tale; it’s packed with glass slippers, mice becoming horses and ugly step sisters.

However, with modern technology, the magic that once could only be depicted by animation can finally be fully realised, to a wondrous effect. The Fairy Godmother (played by Helena Bonham Carter, a fantastic choice in the role) steals the trailer, with the emphasis on the magical aspect of the story coming to the fore. The trailer seems to promise the magical spectacle that Disney is so well known for.

Cinderella will be released on March 13th 2015.

Henry Stanley 

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