Advice: Coco Crisis on Ocean Calamities

Got a nocturnal problem that won’t go away? Is what happened that night playing on your mind? Coco Crisis, Impact‘s resident night-out agony aunt is here to help. She’s the friend who will tell you how you really look in those jeans.

“Dear Coco Crisis,

I borrowed a friend’s top without telling them and wore it to ocean. I got a bit too carried away during Baywatch and lost it. I haven’t told her yet, what should I do?


Dear Baywatch Beauty,

In the real world losing somebody’s top is no big deal. It’s just a top and you can offer the person some money for it. However, we are not in the real world,  we are in the uni bubble where losing a housemate’s top is unfortunately considered quite a serious (and expensive) house crime.

There are two possible scenarios here. The first is the glorious dream: your housemate is really laid back and her top was a chic Primarni number that you can easily replace. In this case you smile nicely, apologetically explain that you got caught up in that iconic Ocean moment and that her top has been lost to the depths of the big O but you will replace it.

The second is housemate hell. Your housemate is really intense, you’ve never really gotten on with her (she’s that one you all talk about) and her top is some overpriced Topshop piece that sold out two years. If you happen to be handy with a needle and thread make her a new one (yeah right) and hope she never knows. Failing that, if you’re studying Business Management somehow manage to acquire Topshop or work your way to the top and insist that they bring that top back, just so you can buy it.

As you can see there’s not much you can do! You need to communicate to your housemate that you’re really sorry, you feel awful about it but the top is long gone. It’s probably been stolen by some girl who lives on Derby Road and is now wearing it as a PJ top (probably best not to mention that).

Hopefully though you can just replace it! Or takeover Topshop…

With love,

Coco Crisis

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