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Trailer Watch – Marvel’s Daredevil

It already looks better than the film, but that was not a difficult challenge. April 10 will bring every episode of Daredevil to Netflix. At a glance this may not be what fans expected from Marvel, due to their current popular shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which take a lighter tone to the superhero universe.

Daredevil depicts the story of a blind lawyer, who fights the local crime gangs as the titular superhero in his spare time.

This trailer gives a longer look at Charlie Cox as the blind antihero fighting crime with his extra-sensory vision and martial arts skills. This looks like it may be comparable to DCs successful Arrow, which offers a lot of violence, crime and ratings success. This exhibits a lot of potential and clearly shows the money and faith Marvel have pumped into reviving this superhero from the cinematic coffin of 2003.

George Driscoll

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