Mother’s Day Cheat Sheet

It’s the date that’s been set in your diary for weeks, confirmed by many a phone call and the flowery reminders  in every supermarket and TV advert…However, despite all that, you’ve just remembered that its Mother’s Day next week and you haven’t booked anything.. DON’T PANIC! Where could you take your lovely mum, to stop her wanting to come in to your un-vacuumed, un-cleaned and un-washed up house? Impact Food have a few ideas….


Aurora Go dine

If you’ve not blown your student loan yet, and need to take your mum’s mind away from the 3rd you got last term, why not spoil your old dear with the splendid deal at Aurora, a little walk through the cobbled streets of the Lace Market and just up from the Capital FM Arena. At only £15 per person for two courses of the finest, modern British cooking (or £20 for three courses if you really want to impress!) your mum will delight in choosing from Aurora’s impressive menu, which includes succulent Sunday roasts with all the trimmings and fabulous puddings to finish, such as a mango and passion fruit soup!


However, if a big fancy meal isn’t really your thing, or any money you once possessed was trodden into the carpet in Ocean, then there’s always Fat Cats, which offers 50% off its Sunday menu, including roasts and normal courses! There’s a great atmosphere and variety in menu (burgers, pizzas, pastas and more!) and at 50% off you can eat twice as much!

Lucy's Vicarage 1

Travelling to Nottingham may have been a bit much for poor old mum, so maybe a traditional afternoon tea in the countryside would be a more relaxed way to say ‘thanks.’ Byron’s Brasserie, in the stately Colwick Hall, is offering a splendid spread of teas, cakes, sandwiches and scones for £16.95. Plus, with serving times of 3pm-6pm, your mum can get home in time to relax with her feet up. Similarly, Lucy’s Vicarage Tea Rooms, situated just past Southwell Racecourse, offer home-made cake selections and teas for just £15. Just make sure you call to book!

Colwick Hall Hotel


Treat Kitchen 2

Now that the meal is all sorted, it’s time to focus on buying a brilliant gift! Perfume and jewellery out of your budget? Well, instead of getting the same old over-priced box of chocolates, think outside the box! Mums always have a favourite sweet hidden in the bottom of their bag, so why not get her something thoughtful at The Treat Kitchen, an independent sweet shop in the centre of Nottingham which adds a tasty twist to vintage treats. The Mother’s Day range features stunning, specially created themed  jam jars and bottles full of fruity favourites, as well as amazing confectionery adaptations of popular puddings, such as Scrumptious Strawberry Cheesecake and The Best Banoffee Pie and chocolate pizzas! Any one of these choices would be met with a smile. You’ll be beaming too, with prices starting at around £3.95 and the Mother’s Day range at £4.95, it’s the tastiest and savviest alternative!

So there’s your inspiration, now it’s over to you! Not long to go now…!

Lydia Eccleston 

Image Credits:, Colwick Hall Hotel, Lucy’s Vicarage Tea Rooms and Lydia Eccleston

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