Deep beneath the Lace Market, or Stoney Street to be precise, BUNK is serving up chicken ‘n’ chips with bells on and all sorts of cocktails. Stripped back and laid back, this unpretentious hidden cave with quirky design features and a non-conversation preventing playlist would be the ideal address for an evening with mates, dates or for those times when you want to make your mate your date; you know the ones.

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Anyway, onto the important stuff, the CHICKEN. The straightforward menu offers three choices – traditional, boneless and vegetarian wings in varying amounts, starting at 10  ‘traditionals’ for £7. The real joy of BUNK however, are the offers, such as half price wings and £3.50 cocktails everyday 5- 9pm, or 6 wings and fries for £3.50. Dinner and pre-drinks in one? We think so.

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Having selected your chicken and desired quantity, it’s time for the toughest choice of all: the seasoning. You could keep things simple and opt for the standard buffalo wing sauce…OR you could select from the 14 varieties of BUNK seasoning, helpfully presented on a chilli scale. We understand that it’s a daunting decision, so if you’re looking for some advice here’s our verdict in preference order:

  1. Teriyaki – an unexpected WINNER (winner, chicken dinner….?!)  Sweet, salt, tang. A daring choice really paid off.
  2. Sticky chilli – up there with the best sweet chilli we’ve tasted, plenty of sauce.
  3. Ginger and spring onion – quirky, oriental, salty soy….if a tad uneven on the seasoning.
  4. Sweet BBQ – smothered but not standout as BBQ sauces go.
  5. Salt and Vinegar – Traditional. We’d have liked a bit more S and V.
  6. Lime and Pepper -Great flavour combo, not enough citrus

The 6 wings and fries is a great post-work, pre- night out option, no fuss and served in a basket. You even get a bowl for the bones! We were slightly over-faced by the chip:wing ratio and a greater selection of sauces would be appreciated to accompany the dryer seasoning options, but this is fun finger food at it’s best!

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Now demolishing all that poultry is thirsty work, so what of the bar itself? Well, beers and cocktails are definitely the order of the day; the fridges stock a good selection of bottled beers and ciders, and wine is also available by the glass or bottle for those who wish to add a touch of class to the affair. The cocktail menu is extensive but not the most adventurous we’ve seen, featuring all the classics and some new faces. Fans of gin and whiskey will be particularly satisfied with the Gin Bramble (with chambord) or the Lynchberg lemonade, a whiskey and triple sec combo.The non-alcoholic range is inventive and refreshing.  If fruity tipples are your thing however, BUNK may not be your first choice, but the subtle yet distinctive blends are just what’s needed to cut through the wings and chips. Plus they’re served in glass tankards, just great!

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If you’re in need of the 3 Cs – chicken, chips and cocktails, hole up in BUNK for a few hours and score the hat-trick.

Lauren Wilson 

Image Credits: Lauren Wilson and BUNK

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BUNK, 19 Stoney Street, Nottingham, NG1 1LP

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