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Trailer Watch – Entourage

The boys are back in town. With the release of Entourage comes the return of fan favourites Vince, Ari, E, Drama and Turtle, who made their names when the popular TV show first aired back in 2004. Loosely based on the life of producer Mark Wahlberg, recounting when he moved to Hollywood as an up-and-coming actor during the early stages of his career, the film continues where the series left off, following Vince (and his cronies) as he makes his directorial debut in a $100 million film.

Featuring cameos from Calvin Harris, Liam Neeson, George Takei and Jessica Alba, and starring the kickass Ronda Rousey from this year’s Furious 7, Entourage looks to be pulling out all the stops to deliver to fans what they’ve been waiting for after a four-year hiatus. Flashy cars, red carpet glamour, boat parties, fame…it’s exactly what you’d expect from a film based on a group of guys taking advantage of the Hollywood A-list lifestyle. It may not be pioneering movie-making genius, but Entourage is undeniably returning bigger and better than ever before.

Entourage will be released on June 19th in the UK.

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