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Trailer Watch – Maggie

Maggie looks a bit odd, and this trailer doesn’t really give us a lot to go on. Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking aged, and suited to play a tired father in a departure from his typically action-heavy roles in this post-apocalyptic horror drama.

In Maggie, there appears to be some form of virus that is taking over Wade’s (Schwarzenegger) daughter, and the story will follow his journey in dealing with her gradual zombification as a single father. The question raised is whether this is going to be a film revolving around the internal affairs between him and his daughter and avoid the external world that has been set to ruin by some unstated force.

The film’s environment looks like it could be fun to explore, however there is very little of it shown, perhaps setting up the ominous tone that will carry over from the trailer into the feature. On the trailer alone however, it does not offer a truly promising or genuine chemistry between Arnie and his daughter Maggie (Abigail Breslin) which hopefully the movie or consequent trailers will produce.

Maggie will enter US theatres on May 8th, with a UK date uncertain.

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