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Trailer Watch – Self/less

Regardless of how scientifically accurate or inaccurate the premise of this film may be, Self/less explores the miraculous and scary possibilities that behold the future of science and technology, as well as humankind’s obsession with seeking immortality.

A modern tale of reincarnation, the film stars Sir Ben Kingsley, a wealthy businessman dying of cancer, who decides to transfer his consciousness into the body of a younger, healthier man, played by Ryan Reynolds. Assured by a scientific organisation that his new body is nothing more than an empty vessel, Kingsley goes ahead with the procedure. However, as memories from the body’s previous inhabitant begin to appear in his consciousness, he starts to question the mysterious origins of his new body.

With a cast that includes English acting royalty, Deadpool and Downton Abbey cast members Michelle Dockery and Matthew Goode, Self/less is a promising new addition to the sci-fi genre, creating a new take on an established concept of exceeding our limits of consciousness.

Self/less will be out on July 24th of this year in the UK.

Sabrina Barr

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