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Trailer Watch – Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Tom Cruise returns for a fifth outing as IMF super spy Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible  Rogue Nation.

As first trailers go, this one is pretty excellent. Broken down into almost three miniature trailers each of around a minute in length, the first introduces a new member of the team Rebecca Ferguson (who looks wonderfully lethal). It also sets up the main plot of the movie: the ‘good spy’ IMF vs the ‘bad spy’ Syndicate.

The second part of the trailer is a beautifully accompanied action montage, merging Fugees’ “Ready or Not” with Lalo Schifrin’s iconic Mission: Impossible theme, all to the backdrop of exciting action set-pieces.

Then comes the grand finale. Clearly not wanting to be outdone by the last Mission: Impossible, where Cruise hanged from the tallest building in the world, this time Cruise clasps the side of a cargo plane as it takes off. He reportedly had to do this eight times just to get the right shot, which will surely have a huge pay-off when the film hits cinemas around the world.

Check out Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation from July 31st this summer.

Glenn Tanner

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  • philip cook
    30 March 2015 at 00:36
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    Trailer’s good as usual,looking forward to the end of July to see it.
    The M.I. franchise iare very good movies,I can’t think of any of them even the slightest bit below standard,in fact each movie is an improvement on the last, not many series of films can claim to hold that accelade, well done to all involved making these great films,keep them coming

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