Sam Peake has been announced as the new Community Officer.

There were 6, 217 votes for this position. After 4 rounds of voting, Sam Peake received 2,146 votes beating Scotty Jennings who received 2,071 votes. RON and S. Wallace (DJ Yolo Bear) were knocked out after the first round, Seb Bench after the second and Luke Watkins after the third.

Sam Peake told Impact that he was “excited to get started and sad for the other candidates”. He believes that having “lots of individual conversations with students is what hopefully made the difference” in the campaign.

Sam’s main policies are focused around fairness, in: housing, transport, employment, safety, health and fun. Within these, Sam wants to work to ‘pressure the Local Council to create a compulsory landlord register’ and to ‘liaise closely with the local authorities to ensure students feel safe when returning home at night’.

Speaking to Impact, the current Community Officer Mike Abiodun Olatokun said that he believes that Sam Peake is a “wonderful public speaker, tremendous advocate and will represent the views of the community”.

Round 1:

Seb Bench: 938
Scott Jennings: 1, 703
Sam Peake: 1, 803
S. Wallace (DJ Yolo Bear): 422
Luke Watkins: 973
RON: 378

Round 2:

Seb Bench: 969
Scott Jennings: 1751
Sam Peake: 1,829
Luke Watkins: 1,023

Round 3:

Sam Peake: 1,939
Scott Jennings: 1, 881
Luke Watkins: 1,099

Round 4:

Sam Peake: 2,146
Scott Jennings: 2,071

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Image credit: UoN Students’ Union

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