Winner Announced: International Students’ Officer – Parmeshwar Bawa

Parmeshwar Bawa has been announced as the International Students’ Officer for 2015-16, with a total of 1188 votes cast.

After four rounds of voting, she received 433 votes, eliminating Yinglin and Srikanth, who received 228 and 141 votes respectively.

Speaking to Impact, Parmeshwar described the experience of running as “overwhelming” and said that “everyone was cooperative and we were all a team”.

In her manifesto, Parmeshwar stated that she wants to promote free taster sessions for voluntary languages classes and introduce a wider variety of destinations for students looking to take part in volunteering.

During her tenure, Parmeshwar would like to introduce ‘Fusion Fridays’, an initiative which will be dedicating to promoting music and food from a wide variety of cultures.

Round 1:

Rahul – 113
Parmeshwar Bawa- 414
Ying Lin – 221
Srikanth – 131
Male – 58
RON – 100

Round 4:

Parmeshwar Bawa – 433
Ying Lin – 228
Srikanth – 141

Image: University of Nottingham Students Union

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