BREAKING: Radford student accommodation will be partly demolished after fire

The Student Lodge, in Radford, which has been on fire for the past two days, will be partly demolished once the fire has been put out, the fire service have confirmed.

Structural engineers will work alongside the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service to demolish parts of the student accommodation, located on Player Street in Radford.

After the controlled demolition of parts of the building, the site will be assessed to decide whether the whole building needs to come down. The accommodation was due to welcome 350 students as new tenants in September.

Group Manager Chris Clark told The Nottingham Post, “At this point, as with any building that has been subjected to this level of fire, there is a risk that some areas of the building may collapse and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service is working closely with the relevant experts and structural engineers to ensure this is done in a controlled manner.

“We are very aware and concerned of the impact this is having on the local community and we are working closely with our partner agencies to ensure the impact of this is kept to a minimum, with the safety of local people, our firefighters and all those involved in dealing with the incident being our number one priority.”

Several nearby roads remain closed as over 65 firefighters continue to put out the fire, with the high winds increasing possible risk.

Firefighters from Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire have all helped tackle the blaze in the last two days.

As Impact reported earlier, there is speculation that the fire could have been started by a single cigarette.

The fire is continuing to burn, with still more than 65 firefighters present on the scene tackling the blaze. The high winds are hindering the efforts of the fire service.

Building manager Rebecca Snow told The Nottingham Post that there was speculation the blaze could have been started by a cigarette in one of the bedrooms.

She added: “It’s just an assumption – I think there will be an investigation where we will find out what happened.”

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Jonathan McAllister and Beth Rowland

Image: Nottingham Post

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