Tram scheduled for testing ahead of opening in Beeston

Testing of the new tram lines, which will provide University of Nottingham students with access to the city’s tram link, is scheduled for tonight.

At 11pm, trials of the new lines will take place as NET phase two of the tram networks development comes to a close.

The test will see the tram cruise from University Boulevard to Toton, via Beeston where over 2,000 students reside in Broadgate Park.

Jess Burchell, a first year Psychology student who has residence in Broadgate Park, told Impact: “The tram link will make it easier to get to the train station and will connect us to the rest of the city’s transport links.”

Police and highway authorities have been on-board to ensure the tests run smoothly and there is no danger posed to the public.

Extension of the service means that 16 services per hour will run in each direction to the city centre, complementing the service already provided by the city’s fleet of buses.

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