Varsity Table Tennis Match Report: UoN 1-3 NTU

The University of Nottingham (UoN) were edged by Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in the first official table tennis fixture in the Varsity Series, with the visitors winning the men’s and women’s singles as well as the women’s doubles at Jubilee Campus on Tuesday.

UoN went into the table tennis fixture knowing an overall victory would clinch the crucial eleventh point of the 2015 Varsity Series and win them a fourth-straight title.

UoN’s Liam McTiernan came up against Trent number one Chris Donan in the men’s singles, with Chris taking the first two rounds. An initial fightback from Liam was ultimately quashed as Chris went on to win the tie 3-1.

Belief was on UoN’s side going into the doubles games with the tie still redeemable

The women’s singles ended in a 3-0 Trent win for Emma Vickers against Tressa Armitage of the green and gold, leaving the fixtures 2-0 with the doubles games awaiting.

Belief was on UoN’s side going into the doubles games with the tie still redeemable. Yolanda King joined Vickers, while Paul McCreery joined McTiernan as both UoN doubles pairs went 2-0 up in their respective games.

McCreery and McTiernan staved off a comeback from Trent to win their match 3-2, but an overall comeback wasn’t to be.

A late fightback from Trent’s women secured the tie and the Varsity fixture with a 3-2 win over King and Vickers, and NTU claimed the table tennis 3-1 overall.


UoN can take away positives from their great performances in the tie and a huge success in getting table tennis to become an official Varsity event along with dodgeball and futsal, given their unofficial status in recent years.

Ahead of the men’s hockey game, the overall Varsity score stands at 10-8.

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