5 Theatres to Visit in Nottingham

It’s Freshers Week, which means for all the newcomers at the University of Nottingham, it’s a time for settling into halls, meeting new friends and, for a lot of people, getting drunker than you have ever been in your life. However, for those seeking a more cultured alternative to the Freshers events on offer, or simply want to get out and explore the beautiful city on your doorstep, Impact Arts are here to save the day! With our comprehensive guide to five of the best theatres in the city, you will never be lacking in culture again.


Since its foundation in 1948, The Nottingham Playhouse has been one of the UK’s leading theatres and puts on a range of exciting and innovative productions. Not only does the Nottingham Playhouse offer a wide range of drama, comedy, and dance to satisfy all cultural cravings, but they also take note of your limited university budget by hosting regular student nights! By offering a great, cultural night out that doesn’t break the bank, this theatre has to be at the top of your Nottingham theatre bucket list.


Celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year, the Theatre Royal and adjoining Royal Concert Hall are the home of big budget musicals, musicians, and comedy icons. Touring West End musicals and plays will often come to the Theatre Royal, so if there has been that one show that you couldn’t quite get to see in London then this is the place to keep an eye on (at a fraction of the price too)!  Situated in the very centre of Nottingham this place certainly cannot be missed by the eager student thespian.


Not quite ready to venture off of campus? Lakeside Arts is The University of Nottingham’s very own public arts programme and is home to a theatre, art gallery and museum. To be found by the South entrance of the university, this is the ideal hub of all things arty close to home. There is something to be found for every taste at Lakeside Arts with its exciting programme of exhibitions, music, drama, dance, special collections and more!


If you are looking to wander a little off the beaten track then this quirky independent, amateur theatre is the place for you! The Lace Market Theatre regularly produces a range of modern and traditional drama to a very high standard in an intimate setting. This is the place to be if you are looking to discover an obscure theatre production that you can casually name drop among your new student peers over a glass of Merlot, to assure them of your cultural superiority.


Last but certainly not least, is the famed Nottingham New Theatre. Based right on campus this is the home of Nottingham student theatre, with it being the only entirely student run theatre in the country! Staging different show every week of the term, and a further ten original student productions throughout the year, you will never want for a theatre fix! And, for the theatre loving fresher, you merely need to roll out of bed to reach it. At the great price of £5.00 a ticket (or £4.00 for members) it also easy on the student loan so you don’t even have to choose between that night out and a trip to the theatre! Plus, if you aren’t satisfied with merely watching, then you can get involved! New Theatre are always on the look-out for new actors or people to fill the backstage roles so head on down there to find out more!

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