Interview: “There’s a growing number of university students participating in webcam modelling in the UK”

Following our recent story that revealed that 36% of students were taking to online platforms, particularly webcam work, to help fund their university lifestyles, Impact chatted with Miss AnniKa, owner of webcam work provider Flirty Work, about this new student job phenomenon.

What does webcam work consist of?

Flirty Work includes flirting with online visitors who clicked a ‘live cam’ link on an adult website. Some models choose to provide adult content that includes nudity. However, some models choose to provide a fully clothed flirting experience for their fans. Flirting online for money usually involves a period of chatting and getting to know each other followed by an offer to participate in some adult activities or continue the passionate conversation in private. These conversations take place in free chat.

Why do you think students tend to go for this kind of work?

I think students are attracted to webcam jobs because they are flexible, pay really well, and are fun. Models can work 24/7 all year. There is no set schedule. Local part time jobs, such as grocery clerks or waiting tables, simply are not flexible enough for unusual academic schedules. Webcam jobs allow models to work when they are available, any time of day, from the privacy of their own bedroom.

“Getting paid to flirt, something university students already do a lot of, is very appealing”

Have you seen an increase in the amount of students undertaking webcam work in the last few years?

Yes. There has been a growing number of university students participating in webcam modelling, specifically in the United Kingdom. According to Google Trends, the interest has been growing consistently and is on an upward trend.

On average, how many students do you employ?

At Flirty Work, specifically, about 40% of our models are university students. I believe that sexuality is a hot topic while in university and getting paid to flirt, something university students already do a lot of, is very appealing.

How much, on average, does a student doing webcam work make?

Income varies significantly from model to model. However, most of our models are earning around €26.00 (£19.00) per hour when they are showing up to work with our coaches consistently. Top models are earning up to €8800.00 (£6433) per week, while some models only bring home around €450.00 (£329) per week.

How does your company protect students that decide to do webcam work?

Flirty Work only partners with major camming networks that have strict privacy standards. All models and clients are verified for age and identity using secure forms on the internet. Clients do not know the personal details of models and we connect clients and models through a secure internet server. Clients can also call models using a confidential phone service which allows models to speak with clients without the client or model telephone number being revealed. We train models on how to protect themselves during their stream, such as making sure not to share personal details and securing the background from ‘clues’ about the models true identity. We also allow models who do not want to show their face on camera to perform. This is unique, as not all networks allow non-face shows.

“Students are less embarrassed to talk about showing themselves over the internet now that sexting, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social networking tools encourage a ‘show all / tell all’ attitude”

Do you think that webcam work is a positive way for students to make extra money at university?

Yes, I think webcam modelling is a great way to earn extra cash while at university. I wish I knew about webcam modelling when I was in university. I endured so many rude customers while waiting tables. You can’t click ‘ban’ a customer at a restaurant, but if a model doesn’t like the way a visitor is treating them, the model can simply kick them out of the room or block them forever.

Do you have student models from all over the world, or do you tend to find that students are focused in one particular location?

We have students from all over the world performing on cam. However, we have the highest concentration of performers in the United States and United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is on the rise, while the United States has neutralised. Interest is peaking in the United Kingdom because people are finally starting to talk about this line of work outside of their bedrooms. Also, students are less embarrassed to talk about showing themselves over the internet now that sexting, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social networking tools encourage a ‘show all / tell all’ attitude.

“I usually don’t tell people what I do”

What type of reaction do you get from people when you tell them what you do?

I usually don’t tell people what I do. If I do talk about my ‘career’ I say I build websites and provide consulting services to business people (which is also true). The conversation usually ends there, but on occasion, I will share my secret with people. The most common reaction I get when I tell people what I do is “Really? You? You don’t look the way I expect well paid models to look.”

Is there a prominent gender among your student models?

The adult industry is packed with all genders and orientations. At Flirty Work, as with most adult industry companies, we contract more females than any other gender. However, we do recruit males, transgender, and everything in between. In fact, some of our top paid models have bodies that are partially male, and partially female. Females do tend to build a client base faster than the other genders, simply because the heterosexual male visitors are seeking them out more frequently.

Have you ever faced criticism over your job?

Yes, of course. I think any position that is outside society’s “norm” is met with criticism. We are so lucky to be in an age where adult work can take place from the privacy and security of our own homes and be delivered through the internet.

Tamsin Parnell

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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