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Top 10 Unusual Halloween Costumes

So here we are at last: Halloween. For some, the costume dilemma might not be so much of a thing because many people are happy to go as something conventional. But if you’re looking for something a little bit different this year, here’s a roundup of what we think are the Top 10 best alternative costumes. You won’t necessarily pull in all of them, but if you want to make an entrance these could definitely fit the bill.

1. Bat

This one is great in so many ways. Not only is it really comfy and warm (not everyone’s first priority when it comes to choosing costumes but, let’s be honest, a plus for anyone making that cold trip from the bus stop to the event, or standing in the Crisis queue for ages), it also gives you leeway to still look a little bit pretty beneath the hood.

2. Voodoo Doll

With the striking pinned heart, stitch marks and actual doll to go with it, this creepy alternative is sure to turn heads. The style of the dress still looks feminine, and this costume idea is a great one if you want to experiment with makeup and contacts for your scary look.

3. Cat in the Hat

This one’s a fun alternative for both guys and girls. It’s pretty much a given that everyone will know who you are and probably liked Dr Seuss when they were younger, so not only will you be able to style your costume in a way that suits you with either a dress to look smarter or a top and jeans, you’ll probably get loads of pats on the shoulder for trying something quite different. Or get your hat stolen.

4. Dracula

halloween dracula

Although a pretty well-known character when it comes to this time of year, not many people ever seem to properly pull this off. Yeah, you’ve got crowds of vampires on Halloween, but do we ever see anyone dressed as the character who started the craze? There definitely aren’t many guys dressed as vampires, so pull this off and you’re sure to stand out.

5. Minion

Another good one for both males and females, this could be for you if you want a fun night and aren’t too fussed about looked dead etc. Covered head-to-toe in yellow face paint, you’ll definitely make an entrance.

6. Edward Scissorhands

halloween edward

You’re sure to look pretty creepy going as this guy. This is a great costume if you want to turn heads (because the wig will give you a massive, bold, spiked up head of hair, and, well, you’ll have massive fake scissor hands to scare people with), but maybe not so practical when it comes to dancing. You’ll probably quickly tire of that wig in such a hot environment, and what do you do with your hands if you pull?! However, you will look great and different on Halloween so it’s fine.

7. Mario

Like with the Minion costume, you’ll probably make a few friends at the bar just for choosing something so far off a zombie student. And plus, everyone loves wearing a good fake tash.

8. The Saw Pig

halloween pig

Are you setting out to be that person that genuinely makes people jump a bit when they see you? Well, this could do the trick. Saw fans will applaud you, and people who haven’t seen it will still more than likely stop dancing for a second out of surprise at your appearance to let you pass on the dancefloor. You’ll probably get quite hot under that mask but this costume definitely fits the dress code.

9. A Mummy

If you’re looking for a fairly cheap but bold alternative, this could be the costume for you. The bandages (or, er, probably toilet paper) may get extremely annoying if you don’t tie them down properly, and won’t prove a great combination with drinks if any are spilt on you, but you’ll definitely look a bit different whilst still firmly sticking to the Halloween theme of monsters.

10. Ghost (the sheet type)

halloween ghost

Everyone loves that guy that turns up to the party in a sheet with just two holes cut out for eyes. And let’s be honest, you’ll be dressing as the main Halloween symbol – which is cool in itself – and you’ll probably get a lot of attention for looking so different to everyone else whilst still sticking to the theme. People will also probably really want to know who you are under there, so you’re set for making some friends this Halloween (if you don’t get too hot first).

Jill Forsdick

Featured Image: Paul Albertella via Flickr

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