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Trailer Watch – Jessica Jones

After several enticing teasers, this is the first full trailer for the new collaboration between Marvel and Netflix: Jessica Jones. And it’s brilliant.

Apparently closely linked to Netflix hit Daredevil, with both being set in Hell’s Kitchen, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is a private detective with superpowers, and a dark past. She is strong but broken, running from her previous identity but clearly unable to escape the criminal underworld of New York.

The villain of the piece is Killgrave, the Purple Man, played creepily well by David Tennant in the short shots and voice-overs we get of him. His powers are over the mind, and as is seen in the trailer, this extends to an ability to get people to kill themselves and others – although we don’t know the full details of Jessica’s backstory, it appears that this was the result of her encounter with him before, and was the reason she stopped making use of her powers.

The Jessica we are presented with now is seriously damaged by what Killgrave made her do; she is apparently an alcoholic, and refuses to return to her former superhero identity. But even in this trailer we can see she is strong, and not just physically – despite her past actions, she still maintains her morality, continuing to fight crime. And as the Purple Man catches up with her, it’s clear she’s going to have to use her powers again to fight back.

It’s dark, ominous, but also very exciting. I can’t wait. Jessica Jones lands on Netflix on 20th November.

Isobel Sheene

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